what is the definition of PWB and FWB???

Hello everybody– hope everyone continues to be positive and shares with everyone else.  I really appreciate reading everyone’s stories.  I would like to understand what is meant by non-weightbearing, partial weightbearing and full weightbearing??  Today, I am 18 days post op—I had ordered one of those vaco-ped boots (see vacoped.com) and received it on Friday.  I tried it on yesterday, Saturday–10/10/09 and it really felt amazing.  My Doctor has not yet authorized this and is still believing conservatively that I need a few more weeks NWB in order to avoid re-rupture.  When I am in the vacoped boot 30 degrees equinas I am able to be PWB and maybe even FWB?? I am not in pain–it does not hurt at all and I am wondering if this constitutes PWB and FWB by definition??? or is PWB and FWB based on 2 bare feet being on the ground next to each other????  your comments are greatly appreciated–Larry

Thank you to all of you participants

I have joined the club– My name is Larry–real estate attorney in South Florida-54- injured while playing racquetball–09-22-09–felt like ceiling fell on my achilles-no ceiling, thought opponent whacked me with racquet or stepped on me– down on the floor– completely ruptured– mri next day –almost 3 cm. gap in tendon– surgery next night-09-23-09–not mentally ready– had no idea what to expect– very athletic– never injured- not patient- not a good patient–negotiated with Doctor to skip cast– right into boot or splint– placed in splint tightly wrapped– stupidly did not elevate following day- severe pain– took meds day 1 post op–researched online–could get really depressed with reality– need positive attitude–reading about others helps– realize that this too shall pass but MUST be very careful to not re-rupture–accidents happen– but BE CAREFUL–and don’t rush  -EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT–DOCTORS ARE DIFFERENT– PROTOCOLS ARE DIFFERENT–you must listen to your body– i believe you must eat right–and sleep right– i bought supplements–vit c,fish oil, glucosamine, multi– my right foot- not supposed to drive– bought a motorized scooter for mobility–kept elevated above heart-post op-day 2,3,4 and 5–bought chair for shower– garbage bags on leg so as not to get wet– EVERYTHING IS DIFFICULT—- MEDITATED- to get centered– stopped pain meds on day 3–difficult to sleep–POSITIVE ATTITUDE IS CRITICAL–LOTS and lots of online reading and learning–lots of questions–looking into different boots– so far i like vacoped???any comments on this boot– still not sure about when to start pwb and rehab– like articles that suggest sooner than later-but be careful–still do not understand why some people are casted for so long?? especially in equinas position??10 degrees???  would love to hear from you– we can all be positive together–Larry

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