Complications with ATR surgery


I was born with severe clubbed feet and had multiple reconstructive surgeries on both bone and tendon when I was a baby. Last year I tore my achilles tendon while hiking with my sons boyscout troop. I am 37 with three boys and at that time was the leader of their boy scout troop and cub scout pack.

At first I was miss diagnosed as having some type of infection and spent a month in a lot of pain. After being diagnosed I was sent to a surgeon who told me that my tendon was trashed and non operable and not to have surgery that it would do no good and I should try wearing a boot for a few months. Another surgeon told me that surgery would be no problem and I would be fine. I had the surgery and a year and two months later my leg is still swollen red and very painful. I went to see a specialist last week who told me that the first surgeon was correct and that my tendon is now tearing somewhere else and needs to be replaced. They want to do an Achilles tendon debridement with an FHL tendon transfer. I have read both good and bad things about this. She says that I do not have to have the surgery but that I will stay in pain and eventually it will tear all the way again and I will have no choice.

So far online I have not found any posts from people who have had this surgery with similar problems so I was hoping to find someone who has had it that may also have had severe clubbed feet. Or someone with similar problems who have found other methods.