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21 week update - discharged by PT and OS

I met with my OS earlier this week and he officially gave me the green light to return to running (I have been building up my mileage over the past 5 weeks).  He had me walk on my tip toes and was impressed with the height of my injured leg.  I have no problems with doing single leg calf raises - not sure of how many I can do but can do 20+ without any issues (though my injured leg doesn’t get quite as high as my other leg).  I’m allowed to do pretty much anything I want, even CrossFit (with modifications).  I don’t plan to return to CF until March (9 months) because I really don’t trust myself to not push myself too soon (my injury is a result of doing double unders).  For now, I have been increasing my jogging miles - I can jog upwards of 4 miles a day, 3X a week (at this point, it isn’t my Achilles that makes it hard but my lack of cardio conditioning).  The other days are weight lifting days -  full body.  I haven’t had any pain or discomfort in my Achilles and have not noticed any swelling, but I don’t want to increase the miles too much and want a day of rest between runs.  My pace is REALLY slow but I’m ok with that.  I still have stiffness in the morning and if I sit still for a long time but other than that, my Achilles hasn’t been an issue for me.  I’m so happy to have my PT behind me, as well as no longer having to trek over to see my OS - I almost feel normal now!  ; )