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3 months post-op

Met with my OS today and he was very pleased with my progress.  He had me walk and then demonstrate a double heal calf raise and then had me try a single leg calf raise.  I had no idea I could do a single calf raise!  I was happy with that - I had been too scared to try but have been doing doubles during PT over the past couple of weeks.  He said that I need to keep working on strengthening my calves and Achilles and I should attempt light jogging (on the treadmill) within the next 4-6 weeks.  What he didn’t want me to do is try to do too much too soon.  Just because I am walking and appear to look normal on the outside (no limp), doesn’t mean I am ok to jump and run.

I graduated to the elliptical about two weeks ago (after riding the stationary bike for weeks) and have been walking a lot outside (3 miles a day with my dog), as well as lifting weights.  Upper body workouts haven’t been an issue since day one.  Lower body exercises have consisted of the following:  straight leg deadlifts (with weights), body weight lunges and squats, seated leg extensions (with weights), seated hamstring curls (with weights), calf raises (both seated and standing) as well as abdominal exercises.

I feel like I am slowly getting back into my daily routine and with the exception of running and back to doing CF - I’m pretty much feeling normal even though I am no where near 100% healed.