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Two Shoes with Pictures

I’ve been practicing wearing my new sneakers inside my house since Wednesday (exactly 7 weeks post-op) and everything is going well so far. When I go outside, I put my boot on and my Evenups. I have been focusing on walking slowly and trying my best not to walk like a duck (hard to do since I’ve always walked with my feet pointed a little outward). I have a limp but it isn’t as pronounced as it is when I am wearing my boot. My boot really constricts my movement and makes it harder to walk smoothly. No pain or discomfort at all. My eight week post-op appointment is next Wednesday - I am supposed to officially go to two shoes then which will be a few days before I leave for my cruise for Bermuda.  I can’t wait!  Though I will be bringing a cane and my boot with me since I am extremely nervous of walking without the boot for extended periods of time - rather be a little on the cautious side for now.

The pictures - my scar is less than 3 inches long and healing nicely.  My calves seem to be appear to be almost the same size now.  My left has always been a little larger than my right but after my injury, it shrunk quite a bit, along with my right since I spent a lot of time off both feet.  My injured Achilles is much thicker than my original like I’ve seen on many others.  Not a fan of that as it makes me look like I have cankles so I am hoping it eventually thins out in time.