A blog about my recovery from a ruptured Achilles.

Archive for July 12th, 2014

Post-op scar and cast photos

StitchesHere is a picture of my scar up close - took it at a weird angle during my first post-op appointment.  Forgot to take a picture after the stitches were removed (day 8).  It didn’t look so bad once he removed the stitches.  I hate all the purple marks from where he marked my leg and can’t wait to wash it off.

Here is a picture of my hot pink cast - believe it or not, I’ve actually received a lot of compliments of the choice of color by both men and women.  Might as well have some enjoyment out of this.

Thank you all who have helped me by providing directions on how to post my photos.  I still don’t have the hang of it as I have no idea how I was successful this time around and most likely won’t be able to do it again in a future post.