My physio protocol 0 to 12 weeks post Achilles Tendon Reconstruction rupture/surgery

0-2 weeks
-aircast boot with 2 cm heel lift
-NWB with crutches

2-4 weeks
-aircast boot with 2 cm heel lift
-protected weight bearing with crutches- my PT suggested waiting till 6 weeks for this
-active plantar and dorsi flexion to neutral, inversion/eversion below neutral
-modalities to control swelling, I had little to no swelling after 3rd week
-knee/hip exercises as appropriate
-hydrotherapy ( within motion and weight-bearing limitations

4-6 weeks
-aircast boot with 2 cm heel lift
-WBAT( again NWB till 6th week)
-continue treatment as per 2-4 weeks

6-8 weeks
-aircast boot
-discontinue heel lift
-dorsiflexion stretching, slowly
-graduated resistance exercises (OKC, CKC, funtional)
-proprioceptive and gait retraining
-modalities as indicated
-fitness/cardio to include WBAT

8-12 weeks
-wean off boot
-return to crutches/can as necessary; then wean off
-continues to progess ROM, strength, propioception

>12 weeks
-continue to progress ROM, strenght, proprioception
-retrain strength, power, endurance
-increase dynamic weight-bearing exercise, include plyometric training
-sports specific retraining

I am not sure what the acryonyme OKC, and CKC are yet but will soon. My next doctor appointment is this week which will be 6 weeks post op check up. This is in London, Ontario, Canada, at what is considered one of the best clinics in Ontario for sports clinics, incase people are wondering. I find there is a broad range of what is given for recovery protocols for surgery vs. non surgery. The reason my physio therapist suggested NWB until the 6 week is that he said the tendon after surgery like mine takes at least a good 6 weeks to mend and I didn’t want to risk pushing anything. So no harm in waiting a little longer for PWB.
Thanks for the comments!!! Keep up all the good work fellow ATR people!!!

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  1. Hi ATR2011…How are you progressing with your rehab? I’m soon to have reconstruction surgery like you had and am wondering what your results have been like.


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