My physio protocol 0 to 12 weeks post Achilles Tendon Reconstruction rupture/surgery

0-2 weeks
-aircast boot with 2 cm heel lift
-NWB with crutches

2-4 weeks
-aircast boot with 2 cm heel lift
-protected weight bearing with crutches- my PT suggested waiting till 6 weeks for this
-active plantar and dorsi flexion to neutral, inversion/eversion below neutral
-modalities to control swelling, I had little to no swelling after 3rd week
-knee/hip exercises as appropriate
-hydrotherapy ( within motion and weight-bearing limitations

4-6 weeks
-aircast boot with 2 cm heel lift
-WBAT( again NWB till 6th week)
-continue treatment as per 2-4 weeks

6-8 weeks
-aircast boot
-discontinue heel lift
-dorsiflexion stretching, slowly
-graduated resistance exercises (OKC, CKC, funtional)
-proprioceptive and gait retraining
-modalities as indicated
-fitness/cardio to include WBAT

8-12 weeks
-wean off boot
-return to crutches/can as necessary; then wean off
-continues to progess ROM, strength, propioception

>12 weeks
-continue to progress ROM, strenght, proprioception
-retrain strength, power, endurance
-increase dynamic weight-bearing exercise, include plyometric training
-sports specific retraining

I am not sure what the acryonyme OKC, and CKC are yet but will soon. My next doctor appointment is this week which will be 6 weeks post op check up. This is in London, Ontario, Canada, at what is considered one of the best clinics in Ontario for sports clinics, incase people are wondering. I find there is a broad range of what is given for recovery protocols for surgery vs. non surgery. The reason my physio therapist suggested NWB until the 6 week is that he said the tendon after surgery like mine takes at least a good 6 weeks to mend and I didn’t want to risk pushing anything. So no harm in waiting a little longer for PWB.
Thanks for the comments!!! Keep up all the good work fellow ATR people!!!

3 weeks post op and feeling good! Thank God for the iwalk 2.0 crutch!!!

Going for my first PT visit on Wednesday this week. The iwalk crutch has been god send for being mobile around the house and hands free to do chores or get food. Not needing to rely on anyone for general task has been wonderful. I am still NWB all though the doctor said last Wednesday I could start to PWB. I wanted to wait to see my PT. I really have no pain or swelling and the surgery site is healing very well. I wear my air cast sleeping, as I woke myself up one night due to stretching the achilles in my sleep, that was painful, and when I am up and about. Other than that I take it off to relax. I will update the blog once I have seen the PT.
Again Thanks to this site and to all the people sharing their journey to recovery. It has been invaluable and very much appreciated!!!

ATR in 2011 and reconstructive surgery in 2017

I live in Ontario, Canada.  I was 42 year old female when I first ruptured my achilles while doing Taekwondo.  I completely, 100% ruputured my right achilles.  I am a very active person, teach fitness classes at a local gym since 1992.  Have been involved in many sports my whole life, soccer was favorite.  I have a physical demanding job as I am a process operator, which means working in a chemical plant.  This means, work boots, climbing ladders and stairs, and large valves to turn, 26 -36 inch valves.

I was devastated when my ATR occurred.  Conventional healing was the route taken and a lengthy one at that. They would not do surgery!  I kept mentioning to my PT that it didn’t seem like it was healing right, he kept reassuring me that it just takes time.  This PT is in the same office as the doctor who gave me ATR recovery protocol.  Anyways long story short it healed but lengthened and I had no strength in the calf.  Could not get up on my toes at all.  This created many physical and mental challenges for me for the next almost 6 years.

I decided to go back to that first doctor again to complain, this would be the 3rd time now, in 2016, and was not leaving until I could see an orthopedic surgeon.  My wish was granted. Orthopedic surgeon looked at my MRI, physically examined my leg and within minutes said he could fix my leg!!! I was so excited.

Now, here I am 2.5 weeks post op.   The surgeon said my tendon was in good shape but he shortened it by 2 cm  and overlapped it and sewed it up. My recover so far has been very good.  I had a hard cast, toes slightly down for 2 weeks and 2 days. The stitches were removed and I left with an aircast on with foam heel of 2 cm and my PT protocol. The doctor said I could slowly do PWB but I am hesistating until I see the PT which is a next week on Wednesday. This will be 3 weeks post op. I bought an Iwalk 2.0. Best thing every!!! My hands are free and this allows me to do several things around the house. I have not taken it out of the house yet.

This blog has been a blessing and love reading everyones experiences. I have not seen any like mine and thats why I wanted to share. I wonder if anyone out there has suffered as I did?

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