2 Days from 1 Yr Bilateral Achilles

Well, it will be 1Yr on July 12 evening. The day will be remembered forever. Tore both Achilles simultaneous playing basketball. Night it happened felt like I severely sprained both ankles until I realized I could not stand upright on my own, not a good feeling, and this is when you know that something serious just happened. I have never been injured during 35 years of athletics, no broken bones, no nothing. Drove home on my own and knew what I possibly just had happen. Visited this site and gained a lot of info, and called ortho Dr who had opening on Fri the 13th afternoon. He confirmed, bilateral. Goes through scenarios and says surgery is best option. Then begins to explain to me and my wife that I will be off of my feet for min 6 weeks, which seems like forever when staring at following 6 weeks. Well, it ended up being more like 8 weeks. Had surgery on the following Mon evening and stayed overnight due to surgery not being complete until 9pm or so. Left hospital 10am next morning and was a chore just getting home and in the house!! Believe me this was the funnest part. Had to be carried in and luckily we have a bedroom on main floor. First few weeks did not leave the bed. I think I went out in wheelchair at 2 weeks and took a hose bath on back deck in very hot July in GA. Had to buy ramps/shower chair/ and all the other things needed to take care of me including someone to come in and help my wife cleaning house etc. Started PT at 7 weeks and got in pool to do some exercises and stretching. Really liked my therapists, they never pushed me too far and was walking at 9-10 weeks, 2 shoes shortly after.

At one year feeling very good, can hardly see one incision and left one healed differently, much more pink. Have not done any jumping(ok I dunked an 8′ hoop at gym) and only a little running, not that am not capable, just no desire and never was a runner. Strength really came back at 8-9 month mark and 12 months even stronger. So remember its a process and 1 yr time line for most. It is a marathon and goal is to get there with a fully healed tendon(s). Listen to your body and OS/PT, they all know best, especially body.

Good luck to all and happy healing

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  1. Wow two at once! I am 3 weeks post and odd time for short distances spring around on my good leg without crutches. Thought crosses my mind that this might be bad time to bouncing on one leg and risk other achilles.

    Then I think I’m thinking -crazy odds. I’m going to think some more now.

    Thanks for posting. Very encouraging.

  2. Great to read success stories! Your experience gives me hope and is another reminder that this is a long recovery–something to think about as I hobble around the block! You’ve also made me grateful that I’ve only torn 1–thanks for that too.

  3. So pleased to see your progress. You may remember me, I’m the other poor sole who did simultaneous ruptures. I just had a look at your 7 month post op blog to compare where I am at, since it’s now 7 months for me. We have had very similar treatments and outcomes so far. So I am really happy to see what place you’re at now, because that’s where I’ll likely be in 5 months. At 7 months, I am at the strengthening stage. My flexibility is really good, so we are now just trying to strengthen with biking, and hill walking. Also my entire core is a bit wonky, so am doing lots of body core strengthening, and have just got back into swimming. I have found the water is great for being able to get on my tip toes, with individual calf raises, which I can only just manage to do out of the water. Still a long way to go, but it’s all about strength from here on. One of my scars is amazing and virtually unnoticeable, the other has adhered, but doesn’t cause me any grief (that was after massaging twice daily for months (It wont budge). I’m under the impression it”ll just be ugly, not painful. Great to read your story, sorry to go on, but it’s nice when someone else knows where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Cheers!

  4. Wow two at once is insane. Your blog should be highlighted on the home page. Very pleased for you and thanks for the updates.

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