Hello, have seen some people with dissolvable and mine are non dissolvable, anyone out there know what is best practice in todays world? My surgeon is fairly young and told me he used non dissolvable that will be with me till I die. He said he did 4 straight line stiches, Bracken or something??? Just wondering what the norm is and if anyone else has non dissolvable and any draw backs with tightness or anything

I was simultaneous bilateral so not sure if these offer more strength or if this is a preference by the surgeon??

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  1. I thought the deep stitches (of the tendon) were usually non-dissolving, but that might be wrong.

  2. Doc probably used non absorbable to go end to end with tendon, and then brought the mop-heads together(cleaned up the tendon frays) with an absorbable. I am in med sales and used to sell the “cottony suture” for tendon repair. That stuff does the job! Most popular stuff is the fiberwire by Arthrex. Not really a wire, but just as strong.

  3. Non-dissolve’able here. No issues whatsoever. If you’re curious, you can see them getting pulled taut, before being tied down in this pic:

    Pretty sure those (mine) are the fiberwire sutures shafeydav is referring to.

  4. I also have non dissolvable, and cant really offer any info regarding tightness etc, i’m now at 10 weeks post surgery bilateral repairs, and am finally in shoes :)

  5. Hi Corinnet, sounds like you are moving along!! its all about the rehab now, keep it going. How is your swelling? those compression socks(2XU) i bought are awesome

    been getting in pool and doing leg exercises and using the bands? i think 10 weeks is about when my PT wanted me to do everything at therapy in 2 shoes, but i couldnt wear them at home too much due to swelling

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