Bilateral 7 months

Sorry I havntput more info on my blog for others to follow. You hit that point where you are moving around and rehabbing like crazy and your time goes from unlimited to limited for posting. Well, quick summary: July 12 simultaneous bilateral playing basketball, July 16 surgery, 6.5 weeks on NWB, begin PT at 7 weeks in pool, today 7 months and really feel strenght coming back.

Stopped PY in mid December as was beginning balance and mostly just strenght exercises. Joined a great gym(Lifetime Fitness) here in Atlanta area and have been sticking to 4-5x per week workouts. Am doing leg/calf/hips still today and cardio on bike/treadmill/eliptical. Workouts are 1.5hrs to 2hrs each visit. The 20 min mile walk sucks up most of my time. The 6 month mark seemed to be big for me, strength was really starting to return and swelling was not so bad. Really battled swelling daily up until 6-6.5 month mark. Starting to jog a little, nothing too major, not really interested in running at this point. No plans for high level sports so not really a goal, feel like i could if i wanted to, strenght is there

From reading here there are so many different styles for rehab, but i took fairly conservative approach, was not in big hurry and just went with what my body said was ok. My PT poushed a little, but he knew up front that i was in no big rush.

Wish all good luck with recovery and especially the bilats out there, tough injury, but you will get back with time

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  1. Your progress doesn’t sound that relaxed or slow to me! Keep going!

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