2 Days from 1 Yr Bilateral Achilles

Well, it will be 1Yr on July 12 evening. The day will be remembered forever. Tore both Achilles simultaneous playing basketball. Night it happened felt like I severely sprained both ankles until I realized I could not stand upright on my own, not a good feeling, and this is when you know that something serious just happened. I have never been injured during 35 years of athletics, no broken bones, no nothing. Drove home on my own and knew what I possibly just had happen. Visited this site and gained a lot of info, and called ortho Dr who had opening on Fri the 13th afternoon. He confirmed, bilateral. Goes through scenarios and says surgery is best option. Then begins to explain to me and my wife that I will be off of my feet for min 6 weeks, which seems like forever when staring at following 6 weeks. Well, it ended up being more like 8 weeks. Had surgery on the following Mon evening and stayed overnight due to surgery not being complete until 9pm or so. Left hospital 10am next morning and was a chore just getting home and in the house!! Believe me this was the funnest part. Had to be carried in and luckily we have a bedroom on main floor. First few weeks did not leave the bed. I think I went out in wheelchair at 2 weeks and took a hose bath on back deck in very hot July in GA. Had to buy ramps/shower chair/ and all the other things needed to take care of me including someone to come in and help my wife cleaning house etc. Started PT at 7 weeks and got in pool to do some exercises and stretching. Really liked my therapists, they never pushed me too far and was walking at 9-10 weeks, 2 shoes shortly after.

At one year feeling very good, can hardly see one incision and left one healed differently, much more pink. Have not done any jumping(ok I dunked an 8′ hoop at gym) and only a little running, not that am not capable, just no desire and never was a runner. Strength really came back at 8-9 month mark and 12 months even stronger. So remember its a process and 1 yr time line for most. It is a marathon and goal is to get there with a fully healed tendon(s). Listen to your body and OS/PT, they all know best, especially body.

Good luck to all and happy healing


Hello, have seen some people with dissolvable and mine are non dissolvable, anyone out there know what is best practice in todays world? My surgeon is fairly young and told me he used non dissolvable that will be with me till I die. He said he did 4 straight line stiches, Bracken or something??? Just wondering what the norm is and if anyone else has non dissolvable and any draw backs with tightness or anything

I was simultaneous bilateral so not sure if these offer more strength or if this is a preference by the surgeon??

Bilateral 7 months

Sorry I havntput more info on my blog for others to follow. You hit that point where you are moving around and rehabbing like crazy and your time goes from unlimited to limited for posting. Well, quick summary: July 12 simultaneous bilateral playing basketball, July 16 surgery, 6.5 weeks on NWB, begin PT at 7 weeks in pool, today 7 months and really feel strenght coming back.

Stopped PY in mid December as was beginning balance and mostly just strenght exercises. Joined a great gym(Lifetime Fitness) here in Atlanta area and have been sticking to 4-5x per week workouts. Am doing leg/calf/hips still today and cardio on bike/treadmill/eliptical. Workouts are 1.5hrs to 2hrs each visit. The 20 min mile walk sucks up most of my time. The 6 month mark seemed to be big for me, strength was really starting to return and swelling was not so bad. Really battled swelling daily up until 6-6.5 month mark. Starting to jog a little, nothing too major, not really interested in running at this point. No plans for high level sports so not really a goal, feel like i could if i wanted to, strenght is there

From reading here there are so many different styles for rehab, but i took fairly conservative approach, was not in big hurry and just went with what my body said was ok. My PT poushed a little, but he knew up front that i was in no big rush.

Wish all good luck with recovery and especially the bilats out there, tough injury, but you will get back with time

9 weeks and 5 PT visits

Started therapy at 7 weeks and have had 5 visits with 2 more this week. Both feet were very tight with very little ROM, I had only been told by Dr to do one exercise from week 2 to week 6(foot flop, lift foot up/back and release). I am in a Swimex pretty much every visit right now doing leg exercises, stretching, and walking. Really like the water. Even doing some heel raises with floats, so maybe 10-15% body weight and did 20 reps. Right now doing a lot of plantar stretching, leg stretching, and leg/hip exercises at home and lots of ROM exercises(circles, flex left/right/up/down) and ABC’s of course. Have done a few leg presses and some 6 min stationary bike sessions on last few visits. Walking in the aircasts each day more and more to get leg strength and can feel calf’s gaining some mass back, they looked pitiful. Feels strange having to make yourself get up and actually walk every hour!! But it feels good to get up and move after 6 weeks of nothing.

Have not used any crutches throughout process, have only been in wheelchair and boots. Am now going up/down 3 stairs from house to garage in the boots, so dont have to use the ramps to get out of house and no more transfer from wheel chair to car. So from week 6.5 to week 9 have had lots of “firsts” and am really happy with my progression and overall strength. Even walking with walker bare footed around house. Therapist wants me practicing in shoes next week so have to go get some good shoes for walking. Will be great to kick the boots, have one insert installed now and both achilles have felt great each time inserts are pulled(started with 5, 3 pulled at week 6, 1 pulled at 9 weeks, 1 left). Gives it the needed stretch and really feels good after 1-2 days.

Both tendons feel very good, it is every other muscle, tendon, ligament in both legs that are sore and trying to come back to life. Tendons around ball of ankles are both swelling and very sore

Am going to stay on path and rehab like crazy, and hope to golf last week of October :)


Bilateral 6.5 weeks and going from NWB to FWB

Yes, ruptured both playing basketball July 12 and surgery July 16. 2 week folowup went good and Dr moved me to aircasts, allowed me to take off etc, this helped, couldnt imagine hard casts for 4 weeks. Went for 6 week followup this week and Dr flexes foot and thumps it, then taps tendon, and says looks good to me. Get up and start walking no crutches issued. So I decided to begin putting some weight on to feel it out and they removed 3 wedges from my aircasts. Doesnt feel too bad, other tendons and muscles in legs is what feels strange. They just have not been used for so long that they are feeling weird being used now. Have taken some steps and not bad, thought going FWB might be a little too much at this stage, but it seems ok so far. I think I will get a walker to help me really start moving around. Goal is to walk with no walker in next 3 weeks or less. Swelling hasnt been too bad, but havnt gotten up and stayed on them for extended time yet. Begin PT Tueaday 2-3 times per week for next 6 weeks. This place has a SwimEx for water therapy and cant wait to get started. Feels good to be able to standup again. Enjoy reading everyones stories and posts, this injury has to be one of the worst things an athlete can endure and want to go back to prior level most likely is not going to happen. I was retired from sports for 10 yrs and most likely will not return to any high intensity due to risk.

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