Week 11 Non-Surgical

First physical therapy session was today. Alex and I went through a handful of different band exercises and stretches. Upon watching me walk to the bathroom he remarked, “Hey, that’s not as bad as I thought.” I’d say it went well.
His tone did change a bit once I told him I’d been following a yoga physiotherapist on YouTube. Which I understand. Somewhat. I’m sure that doctors get irritated with patients coming in with WebMD diagnoses. But in a lot of cases, you can find more helpful information on the internet than you can with just one professional. It’s really a matter of being able to asses the situation and then filter through the massive gloms of information out there. In my case, I have been utilizing lots of internet info to help guide my recovery process and I also wanted a professional opinion on the specifics of my particular injury/recovery. I’m not going to go to PT as frequently as they want me to, mainly because it adds up quickly at $60 a pop. Of course actually going to a place and having a professional guide you through exercises is extremely beneficial. But I can make do without the twice-a-week sessions they recommend. I’ll be going every other week instead.
Ok so I let Alex talk me into coming back next week, but after that it’s every other week. I’m putting my goodfoot down.

Don’t Forget Your Body

[Yoast tells me I need more headings to improve readability. Do you feel like you’re having an easier time??]
My right foot has been feeling pretty good lately, but now the rest of my body is screaming. Hobbling around in a boot is making my hips and groin and back…really the rest of my body pretty angry. This bit of yoga helped immensely: https://youtu.be/7UGHZCoqm9s

Brace Yo’Self

I’ve been wanting to get a brace for a couple weeks now, but couldn’t really find a whole lot of people who’d used a brace during an Achilles’ rupture recovery. I just feel super wobbly without the boot on at the moment so I wanted a bit of support while I redevelop those millions of muscles in my calf and foot that are currently hibernating. I asked Alex about it and he said it’d be fine, just a simple one from Walgreens would do. So I snagged this sassy little lace up number on the way home. It provides just enough support so’s I don’t feel like I’m going to topple over while unloading the dishwasher.

Emotional Rollercoaster

I’d like to blame my mood swings on the whole recovery process, but then I remember that life is just mood swings and I can go ahead and enjoy the ride. And then I forget that and get real angry because I’m angry for no reason but actually there’s lots of reasons cause that anger’s just a coverup for some unprocessed emotions that there’s just no time for because I’m too busy watching Criminal Minds and mancrushing Spencer Reid.
This process certainly is a strange beast. Every time I hit a milestone, I feel like I’ve arrived. Everything is back to normal. But then I realize I’m still miles away from the tiniest of calf-raises. And then I remember I don’t have to think about all that right now. I can walk around this whole stupid house with no boot or crutches. I am a champion. https://youtu.be/TIPWayUP67s


So yes. Moving right along. Let’s wrap this up with some visual comparisons of my left and right lower bits before the first day of PT.

full point

full flex

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. At my Kaiser PT was either every other week or once a month unless problems developed. Congrats on starting PT and being in 2 shoes! Those are definite milestones to celebrate!

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