ATR Recovery Week 9 Non-Surgical

It’s been 9 weeks since I busted my Achilles’ tendon!

I put on a shoe!

I see a baby calf muscle peeking!

I was actually able to make several laps around my house just now with two shoes and one crutch. Kinda like that YouTube phenomenon from college. Two shoes one crutch. As with most things, the idea of it was much scarier than the actual thing [except for that actual YouTube phenomenon. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’d rather not]. I’m now in the process of slowly weaning out of the boot and back into two shoes. I have one heel lift in my shoe when I wear it since my Achilles’ is still pretty tight. My foot will flex MAYBE a tiny bit past 90 degrees at this point. Slow n’ steady.

On Friday I had the privilege of teaching a yoga class on a pleasant hillside next to a lovely little lake. Which meant I drove myself and 3-year-old Micah an hour each way left-footed and then hobbled around in a boot on uneven terrain and taught a yoga class on a slant and then splashed around in a lake for a while. Two months ago, I couldn’t stay upright for more than a few minutes a time. PROGRESS. Then I spent Saturday on the couch, sore and half-crying most of the day because my period’s about to start. ALSO PROGRESS.

That whole “two steps forward, one step back” thing makes it seem like that step back is moving you further away from your goal which just isn’t true. It certainly FEELS that way sometimes, but that “step back” is still just part of the process. Any time I’m in that “step back” part, I have this absurdly competitive little demon on my shoulder that wants to berate me for being “less than I could be.” Which doesn’t even make sense. I am everything I can be in this moment. And in the next moment, I’ll be a little different. Unless you wanna step down the Jim Carrey rabbit hole [WHICH I ALWAYS DO] and talk about how I technically don’t even exist.

Let’s just stay here for now.

2 Responses to “ATR Recovery Week 9 Non-Surgical”

  1. Thanks for sharing! You and I are in similar boats. I tore my right Achilles 11 years ago and am now 8 weeks post-surgery on my left! Fun. I’ll be following your progress eagerly as it’s nice to find someone in similar shoes (pun intended - I’m not in shoes yet).

  2. Hey, congrats on making 2 shoes! I am 8 weeks post-op for my 2nd Achilles rupture. Ruptured my right 6 years ago and lo-behold left one pops! Transitioning towards 2 shoes next week and getting nervous again! I do have more than 90 degrees flex but definitely not enough for a full step. All the best in your recovery!

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