ATR Recovery Week 9 Non-Surgical

I put on a shoe!


”Your calf is nothing but a floppy sack of meat.”


ATR Recovery Week 8 Non-Surgical
So far it seems like healing has happened in two major leaps. I spent much of weeks 1-4 on the couch because any time my foot dropped below heart-level for more than a few moments, all of the blood would rush in that direction and it would start to hurt. Being [...]

Achilles’ Rupture #2 Recovery Weeks 1-4

Shelly Prosko is a yoga physiotherapist who just so happened to rupture her Achilles‘ tendon. She documented her recovery process complete with 11 helpful YouTube videos.

Achilles’ Rupture #2 Day 1

I eased onto the couch and stared at the divot at the back of my heel where my Achilles’ tendon was supposed to be

Achilles’ Rupture #2

Seven years ago I ruptured my left Achilles’ tendon. Three weeks ago, I ruptured my right Achilles Tendon. Let’s compare and contrast.

My First Achilles’ Rupture

Three weeks ago, I ruptured my right Achilles’ tendon. Seven years ago, I ruptured my left. We’ll start with that one.