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Jul 17 2010

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Achilles made himself known in a volleyball game!

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I played high school volleyball and had no problems in the past playing in a pick up game. My company just started a healthy living focus and I had just played soccer and done aerobics last month. I do a lot of walking at work but have not had consistent exercise for a looong time.

June 18 An opportunity came up to play some volleyball came up, I said sure! Of course my husband says, “You’re not as young as you used to be-DONT GET HURT!” Yeah I’ll take it easy and I’m only 45 years old right?!!!

We signed up paid and the game started quickly- I just started warming up- Stretched the quads and a just little bit of the calf and started working on the shoulders. They were short 1 person they called me in right away. I got a few digs in- I was feeling good and was finally getting to the front of the net (on only the 3rd rotation!) My cousin is in the setters position & receiving the ball-I’m getting ready cuz she’s rusty and who knows where this ball’s goin! THEN IT HAPPENED!

What the…Who just whacked me my behind my leg-PAAAAAIN! I fell and everyone thought i rolled my ankle- no this felt different-they told me to breathe and i was done. I didn’t jump, I didn’t roll my ankle- it felt like the worst pulled muscle ever. I iced my ankle and hopped ever so slowly and quietly to bed…ahhh honey “I got hurt : (”

I went to see the FAMILY doctor the following week– i told him i went on the internet and found the Thompson test and that my foot was not responsive-he dismissed it & gave me anti inflamatory/painkiller pills.

I was using a cane and limping around at work for 2 weeks. when my back, knees started hurting and i just couldn’t walk normal-my doctor finally sent me to a specialist.

July 7 my doctor performed the thompson test and felt the gap in my tendon and confirmed i had ruptured my ac. an mri was scheduled and you can definitely see the the empty white space on the tendon.

July 15- the pain after surgery was minimal. the doc also used a graft. my livingroom has gotten smaller due to a wheel chair, crutches and walker- i like the walker- i feel more stable but it’s slower(i wish i had a knee walker!). my doctor says i would be non weight bearing for 10-12 weeks! i’m going to watch a’s vs red sox next tuesday- you think it’s too soon- of course i’ll be using their golfcart & wheelchair service.

July 21st Is my next visit and I will do alot of reading on when I can do some exercising and put weight on the foot. Definitely will check out normofthenorth early weight bearing PT protocol- thanks GerryR (I’m still learning how to navigate through the ATIR site)

You know I thought i would have to be on the down low after recovery and take up yoga- or some low impact sport, but after reading GerryR’s blog I got inspired and want to get back to volleyball and more.

Greatest Fears: Rushing this whole process, not getting full strength back, gaining weight & WORK. My commute is about an hour each way and right foot. When did you guys start driving again especially if you injured your right foot?

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Do you really need to elevate above the heart?

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