Jul 18 2010


Toning Shoes

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I started wearing tone shoes and the fitflops before I got injured. Coincidental? I was wondering if I should stay away from these types of shoes after i get into 2 shoes-plenty of time before that happens!

Here’s an article about the shape up shoes:


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  1. normofthenorthon 19 Jul 2010 at 2:05 am 1

    “Others with knee or ankle problems or with a history of Achilles tendon injuries would also be wise to avoid the shoes.” suggests that they shouldn’t be your FIRST pair of “2 shoes”! Though that’s only one skeptical MD’s opinion, I guess.

    There are a number of very different stages in your rehab, and the kind of activities (and shoes) that make sense in one stage is VERY different from those that make sense in another.

    When you first get into 2 shoes, the main thing is to get around without overloading your AT, or twisting an ankle, or falling. Eventually, you start feeling confident in your balance, your ankle stability, and even your AT strength, but your calf strength is still in deficit.

    Several “moves” that I either avoided or did ill-advisedly (scaring the $%^&* out of myself) in that earlier phase, are exactly the “moves” that I’m intentionally doing now, to try to close up that deficit!

    E.g., while I was still in a hinged boot, around 7-8 weeks post-non-op, I found myself walking with a bunch of friends on a downtown sidewalk. They couldn’t keep up with me! We were talking, and I was in front, so I spun around and kept walking fast, but backwards. MISTAKE!!

    Lowering your full weight the way you do when walking backwards is tough AT-and-calf exercise, and it was way harder than anything I should have been doing that week. (I spun back around, no pain or injury, just a good scare.) But NOW, at 7-ish MONTHS, when I’m just barely able to lift my heel off the floor with 1 leg straight-kneed, walking around backwards is PERFECT exercise!

    So, if these shoes do “work” your calf and AT while you stand and walk, they could fill a similar niche as walking backwards has for me.

  2. Gerryron 19 Jul 2010 at 11:37 am 2

    I personally would stay away from flipflops until you are completely comfortable walking barefoot. I found Crocs to be really good, partly because I had quite a bit of swelling in my left foot and the Crocs are really easy to put on. Once I could get into “real” shoes and hiking boots I did, but I still wear the Crocs although now it is mostly when I head out for Saturday morning or Tuesday evening group bike rides. I put my cycling shoes on at the start and change back into the Crocs when I get back. They’re still comfortable. And frankly toning shoes sound a lot like snake oil to me, but then I tend to be pretty skeptical about that sort of thing. But, if they’re comfortable and there isn’t a price premium attached to the word “toning” why not.

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