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May 28th, 2010 · 8 Comments

I hadn’t realized that I haven’t posted since the beginning of October 2009, but then little remarkable has happened since then anyway, just enough that I’ve some last little pearls of wisdom.

Don’t wear boots!

Once you’re told to go FWB and into two shoes, make sure they are shoes. I wen’t to wearing the Catapillar Alaska’s right away and hadn’t realized that I was hampering my recovery for months. With all that extra support around the ankle I stopped developing strength long before I should have. I’m now in two shoes, aided most thoughtfully by my boots actually falling apart.

There can be too much support!

While preparing for this post I was reading some of the stuff from newcomers and noticed that there are some common threads about pain with the Plantar’s tendon. I too had that and it was a suggestion from my personal trainer that I get rid of the extra support in my boots that I credit for the pain going away. I’d been getting twinges and a couple of charlie horses in my sole but once I got rid of the added support those pains went away almost immediately.

Keep Moving!

I have said it before and I’ll say it to anyone who cares to listen, the worst thing to do with this injury is stop moving. Walking won’t hurt but climbing stairs, walking hills, hiking, cycling and most winter sports would be much more beneficial. Stretching that damnable tendon is necessary, especially if the internal sutures are left in place.

Do what you promise yourself

Simple, straightforward and you avoid regrets as well as make things happen. Even a year on I’ll get little jabs of depression because of the things that I didn’t do when the injury gave me the opportunity.


Don’t let things sink in, take advantage of any support systems that you have in place and talk about what you’re going through. Those close to you will be affected most and you may think that you’ve hidden your depression and anger well, but it’ll come out. You may even think that people should just take it as rote that you will be depressed and angry, but if you’re hiding it they may not realize just how much you are affected. Relate to someone, get it out in the open and let it heal. Like a poorly closed suture emotional wounds need to drain before they can close.


Today was the first day I rode my bike outside. Its been almost 65 weeks since the injury and 67 weeks since I last rode outside. Its so much better than riding indoors and it was such a gorgeous day I’m really glad I did it. Amazingly there was also a considerable difference in how the tendon felt when riding in the wild rather than on the trainer. The gait, posture and angles all changed and I could feel the tightness in the tendon. Feels good though, now.

This should be it, likely the last post, but I’ll try to keep up with any notifications.

My best to you all and remember to keep your feet under you.


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