tiny current

This is a little unorthodox but this is the way I am treating my achilles injury. My results may be purely psychosomatic . This is quite common in medical treatments.

I did not injure my ankle too bad. I forced it into a laced up hiking boot back in February when I was in a hurry and sustained some type of injury. I assumed it would heal but that did not happen. I wound up with difficulty walking unless I walked very slowly. Running was impossible.

I made a device that was based on the fact that in nature there are very tiny electrical currents that flow from the sky to the earth. This is called atmospheric electricity. It amounts to about 1 pico ampere. It is mostly present in big open areas like golf courses or in open boats.

I made an electrical circuit that puts a tiny amount of current through my ankle. Surprising enough it seems to work. That is when I wear this thing my injury seems to feel better and slowly heals and when I don’t wear it the pain stays the same or even gets worse. It is my right foot and driving seems to aggravate it. It must be the position of my foot on the gas pedal.

I used a CR2032 battery. I defined the positive terminal as ground and connected it to a red output jack. The negative terminal is connected to a 5000 megohm resistor in series with a 22 megohm resistor to ground. A second 5000 megohm resistor was then connected to the junction of the first two resistors and was connected to a black output jack

The two electrodes are made from number 22 .999 pure silver wire as follows. The first by wrapping the wire around a piece of perforated board about 1/2 by 1/2 inch. This goes to a #22 wire to a red plug. The second is made by making a loop in a length of #22 wire to fit over the big toe. the silver wire is then wrapped around a small drill bit to make a spiral and slipped over the wire. Next some insulation was stripped back and the silver coil and was soldered to the bare wire. It is important to use lead free solder or to cover up the soldered connection so any solder with lead in it does not contact bare skin. i brought my silver wire from www.monsterslayer.com.

My first one was placed in a Tic Tac box but later I used better plastic box. In use the red jack is connected higher than the black one in order to match the polarity of the earth’s field.

The 5000 megohm resistors are hard to come by. I brought mine form Allied Electronics. ( part number 296-4846 for $3.68 )

I have a spare unit if anyone wants to try it. My e-mail address is arydberg@yahoo.com

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