I’m 4 weeks post-op (surgery was 10/14) and went in today for another follow up. Today’s appt was to get re-casted with my foot at the 90 degree position and stay like that for another week or so. Well the Doc already knew how anxious I was to get into the boot and get started on rehab. He took a good look, did a tension test on the tendon and figured it was safe to go into a boot with a wedge. I had to promise him though that I wouldnt attempt to start my physical therapy for at least another week or so or full weight bearing just yet. I told him he had my word and that he didnt have to worry about seeing me before our scheduled follow-up of 4 weeks from now. For those that do not know I went through the same injury on my other leg almost 2 years to the day ago. (Left ATR 10/8/2009). This time since I knew what to expect as far as the recovery and rehab and since then I always kept up with the news as a spare time hobby what others are doing when it happens to them (David Beckham, Kalin Lucas, Ryan Howard to name a few…) I know everyone is built differently and we all have different recovery times but if I had to point out what might be the difference this time around I would say the glutamine I incorporated into my daily diet. The atrophy to the calf mucle this time around is no where near as bad when I did the left 2 years ago and neither was the swelling. I’ll continue to take it as a daily supplement along with my daily multivitamin as I continue through my rehab. I’ll keep everyone posted as I continue. imag1317imag1322imag1324imag1327

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  1. Nice one!
    On a personal level I started FWB as tolerated at 4 weeks and would suggest the same to anyone else. Some may start it quicker, some slower but I truly believe it is of massive benefit physically and psychologically once you get going!

  2. Looking great! How does it feel to have the cast off? I get mine off tomorrow and I’m really nervous. I will get fitted for the”boot” and don’t know what to expect. This whole thing is such an emotional roller coaster. Any advice?
    I’m 4 weeks post-op.

  3. @Bcurr-Were you FWB in a boot or two shoes? Just curious… Based on my last rupture I know I’ll probrably be FWB in about 3-4 weeks.

    @Becky-The only thing I can suggest is take it easy and slow and try not to overdo it. Listen to your doctor and follow his instructions carefully. I know from experience that there’s going to be some moments when your going to do your own thing, pick those moments carefully haha.

  4. 0-2 weeks NWB in cast
    2+ weeks WB as tolerated in boot for 6 weeks (2 weeks at 2 wedges, then 1 wedge, then no wedges)

    I was lucky and could FWB from the moment I put the boot on. I did about 1 week with crutches over “long distances” just to be safe though.

    I only had one issue and that was trying to push the time between wedge removals which made me twinge so I went back (you can read the full details in my blog on here).

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