I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone here on the blog has had any experience with or knows anyone that may have any with 2 braces that I am researching. Being that I’ve been fortunate to have ruptured both of my achilles tendons two years apart I feel that I may need some adequate support to continue my active lifestyle. I’ve always been an active person growing up and being in the military only adds fuel to the fire. I’m 30 years old and I dont have an ounce of quit in just yet haha… Anyhow here’s the links to the 2 braces Im researching

After my left rupure two years ago I tried the heel inserts but to be honest after about 2 months of that they really got on my nerves due to the sliding in the shoe and what not… Sometimes I think I should have kept them in there and then again sometimes I’m like ehhh who knows lol?!?!?!

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  1. From what I’ve read, it looks like once you rupture one, you are at higher risk of rupturing the 2nd (genetic pre-disposition?). But, re-rupture of a surgical repair (after complete healing, say after a year or so) seems to be pretty rare. If this is correct, you might be “done” with this.

    So, I’m curious if anybody knows: what is the long-term re-rupture rate compared to non-ruptured tendons? Higher or lower? I guess one explanation might be, after a period of recovery/rehab, the once injured calf might - on average - be weaker than normal, just lacking the strength to (re)rupture the tendon.

    Anyone got stats?

  2. I’m anxiously waiting to see if anyone has any information regarding a surgically repaired tendon compared to a normal one…. Hopefully what you read is the case and I am done with this. From what the doctor explained to me, he wasnt suprised one bit that it happened to the other leg after sustaining the injury prior. At this point I can only hope this is it…

  3. univofpittbull

    I have an achillotrain brace. It was really good for tranisitioning to 2 shoes but i am beginning to find it cumbersome with gettin back into sports. The best part about it is the padding on the back of the tendon. It really keeps shoes and cleats from rubbing. But it also will press your toes into the front of your shoes which can be uncomfortable. I’ve also recently taken the heel pad out as i think it was causing some pain in my good calf.

    Hope this helps

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