1 week post op…cramp?

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Well I’m 1 week post-op and scheduled to have my stitches removed and put into a hard cast on Tuesday but today I suddenly started feeling a cramp in my calf muscle. Nothing major from what I think but when I start to think about it I remember the cramping feeling I felt when I firt ruptured the tendon. This time however it feels like it’s off to the side and in one spot rather than the whole muscle. Considering I went through this 2 years ago but the other leg I try not to overdo and get cocky but I have caught myself kinda just resting on my toes while Im standing for short periods of time like when Im shaving or brushing my teeth (with the help of crutches of course haha). My splint is in a fixed downward position to alleviate the tension while it starts to heal but now Im wondering if anyone knows what it feels like to have the tendon seperate slightly at the stitches…I had the same nerves before so I guess its only natural to have them again.

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  1. I’m 3 weeks post-op, in a hard cast and also experience calf muscle cramps. Also intermittent aches and pains throughout the leg area protected by the cast. The pain has increased (frequency not severity) as I ramp up my physical activity; I attribute it to the muscles “waking up” and complaining of their disuse and abuse.

    I’m not weight bearing but the leg is hauled around when doing household chores and cooking. Of course I also stress about compromising the surgical repairs but try not to think about it too much!

  2. My ortho said the cramping can be considered healing when you are NWB in cast. I’m only a week and a few days out of surgery, but when I sit elevated for long period, and get up to crutch about…the cramp happens. It’s like I have to stretch my leg straight without touching floor. Ortho said to fret less and simply realize the healing feelings (as opposed to constant burning sensation that never eases…) a cramp is a muscle saying…no happy, but waiting for your recovery. I can only say, I share same cramping.

  3. rupturedincolorado

    Hi guys. I ruptured my Achilles at the end of April and also had pain in my calf at 3 weeks. I was only in a cast for 8 days and then in walking boot full weight bearing. I couldn’t tell if my calf was sore from surgery and also starting range of motion exercises. At week 5 I still had cramps in my calf and started having pain behind my knee. I went for an ultrasound and found out I had a blood clot (DVT) growing in my calf.

    Everyone who undergoes any type of lower extremity surgery should learn the signs of a DVT as they can be deadly. Please have your cramps check if it is not getting better soon, especially since you are both still in a cast with limited mobility.

    I am at 6 months post-surgery and my Achilles feels great. I’m back to hiking out here in Colorado without any pain. Longest hike so far has been 6 miles with a 1000ft in elevation gain. Looking forward to skiing in 2 months. My blood clot is clearing up but it has been a long 5 months on Coumadin.

  4. Hey everyone….well I’m 11 days post-op and today I had my sutured removed and put into a hard cast as the foot lay over the side of the bed. The cramping feeling I was feeling subsided but I defintely understand your concern about blood clots. The uneasy feeling I happened to be feeling seemed to be caused by how I hold my foot behind me as I walk and the weight of the original splint seems to be the culprit. I have no one to blame but myself because I catch myself doing more than I should be because I feel since I’ve been through this before than I know what to expect. Today I got fitted with a lighter cast and it’s more comfortable than the splint. I’m glad everyone here is doing ok and thanks for bringing up the blood clot. It’s very important that we should be aware of the risks associated with these types of injuries and the treatments behind them as well.

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