Well tomorrow I’m going under the knife to repair my right ATR. By now you might have read my blog and seen that I went through all this 2 years ago with my left leg so this time around I already know what to expect. However this time around I went to GNC after work and bought some Glutamine to take on a daily basis to assist with the recovery. Figured I give it a shot and see what possible results it might bring. I’m going to ask the doc if he can take pictures again so I can post them for everyone to see again. This time around I’ve been really intrigued by all of this that I even went on youtube and checked out a couple videos of the procedure. Let’s just say Im glad I will be asleep haha. WOW!

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  1. I think Glutamine is a good idea - I’m taking it (as part of a broad spectrum amino acid supplement). After looking into it, I’m taking a lot of other supplements too. A Google search on some of them will probably lead you to the same info I found.

  2. Ryan I just checked out your post and Im going to jump on the bandwagon and see what kind of results I see from stacking supplements. The first time around for me I wanted to heal naturally due to the fact (and this is just my opinion) I blamed a prescription of Cipro I was currently taking for an ear infection I had to cause my tendon to rupture. I was kind of hesitant to put anything else into my body and wanted to purge my system as I healed. However this time around I’m going the alternate route and looking for help. Since I can look on my blog and annotate my milestones Im going to compare the results and milestones I cross.

  3. Hey guys, I am new to the site. I am waiting to get my blog approved so that I can start blogging about my recovery and experiences. I just had my surgery on 10/07/11. I am also interested in supplements that may help with my recovery. Aside from Glutamine, what other supplements would you guys recommend?

  4. univofpittbull

    I was taking a lot of Vitamin C. I read somewhere that it helps with cologen production. Not sure if it made any difference though.

  5. Today a full body massage is commonly used in physiotherapy. In this therapy the therapist first massages the upper and lower limbs and then moves onto the chest, abdomen, back and hips. He finishes off the massaging with the face and head. In full body massage mostly the massage strokes are directed towards a person’s heart. This massage aims to release any muscular tension or joint stiffness the person is suffering from. It also increases the blood circulation around the body and improves the lymphatic system.

  6. for those who have been taking gluatmine, have you been happy w/the results? i have not taken this before, but am considering it now…

  7. To answer your question about Glutamine, I am a firm believer in it and stand behind it 100%. Being that this is my second time going through this with the other leg this time I was able to remember my timeline for my recovery. I’m 2 weeks ahead of where I was at before and my calf muscle wasnt affected as nearly as I expected it to be. Usually due to non-use a muscle would be atrophic and shrink but it was very minimal this time and I begine my rehab next week. Not bad. I went to GNC and bought the MusclePharm Glutamine for $30 bux. 3 scoops a day in your favorite drink and you can’t go wrong.

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