“Expect the worst and hope for the best”…Those are words I l have learned to live by while serving in the US Army. I finally got the opportunity to see the orthopedic doctor today and he confirmed that my injury that I received on Oct 3, 2011 is indeed a ruptured right achilles tendon. I didn’t want to say I knew that’s what it was but that pop sounded all so familiar from 2 years ago when I ruptured my left achilles doing the same exact thing, playing QB in a unit level flag football league. How about that? This time around things are a little different compared to two years ago. Then I was stationed at Fort Lewis, WA (near Seattle) and this time I’m in Savannah, GA and I must say that both sets of doctors have different way of doing things. Then the doctors insisted I have surgery within the week due to scar tissue build up but this time around I wont be in the OR until next friday the 14th ( 11 days later). Makes me feel kind of uneasy because I would like to mimic the way we did things then because my left achilles feels phenomenal and unless you’ve seen my scar you wouldn’t even know it was ruptured before. Maybe that’s why I continued my love and desire for high impact, high velocity cardio sports. Lol no more flag football, no more frisbee football or basketball or soccer…you get the picture lol. It’s been 5 days since the rupture to my right leg and even though Im frustrated that it happened I’m looking forward to the recovery in a whole new light. I know what to expect this time around and Im already doing research into glutamine based products to help with the healing process as well as braces that I can wear to give me that added protection and feeling of comfort during my toned down cardio workouts. With that being said has anyone had any experience with the Baurfeind Achillo brace? Looks good and promising but for $104 dollars? Hmmmm….
Well I’m definitely looking forward to getting involved with the group once again and keeping everyone informed with what happens as I get to go through this all over again. I’ll try to get the doc’s to take pictures of this surgery as well so I can post them on here like I did with my left leg 2 years ago. (Check out my archived posts from Oct 2009 to see those) Stay tuned…

5 Responses to “Yep, it’s official! Here we go again…”

  1. Seems we need to form a special club of second timers.
    I ret-tore my right partially 3 weeks ago.
    No surgery and I’m in the boot again.

    You are right, we can do it different this time.

    Good luck!

  2. Dennis Osha

    Me, too. Sorry to hear you have another AT problem. I’ve had my right AT operated on twice in three years, the most recent being almost a year ago. The recovery this time was easier as I knew what to expect and how to do it. However, at 70, nothing physical is easy anymore! This time I’m also finding that my recovery will apparently never be complete as I still have problems walking and with some pain even after 10 months post surgery. Still, I’m trucking along so something must be ok.

    Hope your recovery is uneventful and you return to a normal life.

  3. sorry to hear that - glad your coming at in a positive way… only way to go at it :)

    I ruptured mine, and then had a partial re-rupture 12 weeks in… today was my first full day in two shoes in 6 months. As you know this too will pass, but it’s a pain in the ass right now.

    Good luck with it.



  4. normofthenorth

    Dude, I’d say that the best news is that (to paraphrase one of the other guys here a year or so ago), unless you grow a third wheel, you should be able to have ~100% confidence in both of your ATs once this one heals!

    And yes, I’m another member of the “both sides now” club, though I took 8 years, not 2, to get around to tearing the other one. And like you, I did it playing the same sport — and even doing the same “move”! Main difference was that I’d switched from competitive 6s (court volleyball) to competitive 4s, still on a full-sized court — despite moving from ~56 y.o. to ~64 y.o. in the interim!

    Me, I skipped the surgery completely the second time, based on the newest studies done between my two ruptures. I haven’t gotten a chance to test this one on the v-ball court yet (though soon, I think), having taken a little “detour” first, to get a heart valve replaced(!).

  5. Its nice to know and get a chance to meet others who feel my pain with 2 incidents. Normofthenorth I take my hat off to you Sir being as active and daring as you are and looking forward to enjoying all that life has to offer with 2 bum tendons and a leaky hear valve. I hope all goes well with your valve replacement and you get back on that volleyball court soon. Dennis I hope your road to recovery has gotten somewhat easier and I hope you keep on truckin. Mari, how long are you going to be back in the boot for?

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