How’s everyone doin out there…  I just want everyone that I didn’t forget about you guys and I do come on here often to see what’s new and read a few posts now and then.  Well I’m 13 weeks post op and I can say that I can defintely see some light at the end of this tunnel we’re all in right now.  Right before the Holdiays I had an appt with my physical therapist and he wanted me to ween myself off the crutches and when I was suppose to see him on the 5th I was suppose to be walking with just the boot.  Well when I went on vacation to see my family I only brought one crutch with me and that was that.  Now I’m at the point where I can walk (with a slight limp) without the boot around the room a few feet here and there and I can feel it get better everyday.  I’m able to get a better workout now when I go the the gym in the mornings because I don’t have to crutch from station to station and I give myself a nice bike workout with 2 shoes for about 20-25 min for good cardio.  I can’t wait to graduate up to the eliptical machine to see how well my achilles reacts with that but I’m gaining little by little flexibility everyday.   My next appt with my orthopedic surgeon is not until mid Feb but he says I can’t start wearing 2 shoes again on Feb 1st!!!! How exciting is that??? LOL!!! Sometimes I feel I’m behind the power curve because I read someone else’s story and I they start wearing 2 shoes at 8 weeks or started PWB earlier than me but I remind myself we’re all made different and everyone heals different so I’m here to say if you ever get those thoughts, get rid of them quickly before you end up doing something your not suppose to and hurt yourself again.  I can’t wait until the 1st because I already got plans to buy a new pair of shoes as a way to celebrate the occasion to go along with my new geel heel inserts! lol… One thing I wanna try to do is wear an achilles support sock or brace to help with the transformation from a boot to a new shoe just for extra measure and to reduce the worries.  Does anyone know a good sock or brace that they can recommend?  Other than that feel free to leave a comment of ask a question if you got any! Talk to you guys later!

2 Responses to “I didn’t forget about you guys…13 weeks Post-Op”

  1. You are so right, Army Dude. Sometimes I feel like I ought to be skiing by now. Except that I live in Phoenix and I don’t know how to ski, but you know what I mean. It’s important to be grateful for our own progress and not compare it to others. Glad you are doing so well. Keep on healing!

  2. Glad to hear you are progressing well. Unless your therapist or surgeon suggests some device, I would not worry about it. Your tendon was stitched together real well, it won’t need support. You will be 15 weeks post op, you will want to enjoy your freedom.

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