What’s that feeling?

October 27th, 2009 | Uncategorized |

Hi all just had a question….I know during the first couple of weeks post-op everyone is somewhat nervous about a rerupture but I guess I’m a lil more on the paranoid side…You know how the docs put you in the cast with your foot pointed down to relieve the tension on the tendon, and when you crutch somewhere you have to keep the knee bent slightly because of the longer length due to the foot being pointed. Has anyone ever experienced some kind of discomfort right behind the knee but almost near the top of the calf muscle.   I dunno, maybe it’s just me and I’m thinking too much into it but everything feels normal except I got this pain to the touch at the very very top of my calf muscle.  When I slide my finger down into my cast and press down on the lower part of my calf there’s no pain so I dunno.  Also when I finally got a chance to see my family I leaned a lil bit too much forward with my crutches and had to  put some weight on my bad foot.  It was more like I put weight on the toe tip of my cast and not my actual foot which I don’t know if that’s better at all but it happened so fast and I corrected myself very quick.  There was no pain afterwards but I was so caught up in the moment of seeing my wife and kids that had there been pain I don’t even know if I would actually feel it.  Like I said I’m at the paranoid stage of the rehad process and I’m thousands of miles away from my ortho doc right now so I’m reaching out to my club members.  I’m trying to be optimistic and persuade myself otherwise because I’m in a knee to toe cast with the foot bent towards the ground at a very large degree and my cast extends past my toes on the bottom side so sometimes when I’m resting on the crutches and I want to relax my knee I kind of use that extra plaster past my toes as a kickstand but I don’t put weight on it except when I had to today.

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  1. Armydude,

    From what you have said, I don’t believe you have caused any damage.
    Everybody on this site will tell you they have put weight on the foot by mistake or worse fallen over (I did 3 times whilst NWB!).
    Enjoy seeing your family and try not to worry.

  2. Armydude,
    Delighted you are got back with your family - what a tonic! Like Highflyer says, we’ve all occasionally put more weight through than we should. The physio who set me up with the crutches as I was leaving hospital warned me that I would inevitably have the odd stumble, but not to worry about it. I’ve had quite a few general aches and pains in the rest of my injured leg. I think it is just the rest of that leg wondering what the hell is going on? Muscles which aren’t getting the usual stretching and exercise are bound to get a bit grumpy and crampy. I don’t think you need worry.
    Best wishes,

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