Well the doctor called me today about 1pm or so and told me to not drink or eat anything after midnight tonight because I have the surgery tommorrow.  Now I’ve had my fair share of surgeries before but just like the rest of them I get kind of antsy about them.  I keep wondering how much pain I’m gonna be in when I wake up and I hope the process is smooth and easy going and doesn’t get complicated.  Anyways I know its just human nature to feel this way but I know I’m gonna ask a lot of questions prior to going to sleep.  One thing I do hope for tho is that I wake up with the boot that adjust the angles instead of the plaster cast.  That thing just gets annoying and is so damn heavy.  Either way I can’t complain to much I guess…not like I’m walking anywhere anytime soon.  I’ll post again after the surgery and tell you how it goes.

3 Responses to “Thinking about the surgery tommorrow….”

  1. Armydude,
    You may well have had the surgery by the time you read this, so I’m hoping you are not too sore. Personally, I took more pain killers for the strain in my shoulders after crutching than for my leg. Good luck to you, have been thinking of you and send you all best wishes from England,

  2. Armydude - Like you, I had very little pain at the point of ATR.

    Post surgery too - very little pain. I used the pain meds for 2-3 days. Every 4 hours or so I’d get a pretty sharp ache and the meds were very effective at dealing with it. My wife would wake me every 4 hours to take the meds so I would not go too far, pain-wise, before medicating - that was helpful. After 2-3 days, it went away and I’d just pop the odd advil, although I probably didn’t have to do that more than a handful of times.

    The biggest pain in the ass for me was trying to sleep on my back with my leg elevated. I gave up on that after just a few days. Sleeping in a boot was no problem at all.

  3. Armydude - any news? How did the op go and how are you feeling? Hope you get back with your family soon, they will get you better best!

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