Ahead of schedule…Yah Buddy!

November 15th, 2011 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

I’m 4 weeks post-op (surgery was 10/14) and went in today for another follow up. Today’s appt was to get re-casted with my foot at the 90 degree position and stay like that for another week or so. Well the Doc already knew how anxious I was to get into the boot and get started on rehab. He took a good look, did a tension test on the tendon and figured it was safe to go into a boot with a wedge. I had to promise him though that I wouldnt attempt to start my physical therapy for at least another week or so or full weight bearing just yet. I told him he had my word and that he didnt have to worry about seeing me before our scheduled follow-up of 4 weeks from now. For those that do not know I went through the same injury on my other leg almost 2 years to the day ago. (Left ATR 10/8/2009). This time since I knew what to expect as far as the recovery and rehab and since then I always kept up with the news as a spare time hobby what others are doing when it happens to them (David Beckham, Kalin Lucas, Ryan Howard to name a few…) I know everyone is built differently and we all have different recovery times but if I had to point out what might be the difference this time around I would say the glutamine I incorporated into my daily diet. The atrophy to the calf mucle this time around is no where near as bad when I did the left 2 years ago and neither was the swelling. I’ll continue to take it as a daily supplement along with my daily multivitamin as I continue through my rehab. I’ll keep everyone posted as I continue. imag1317imag1322imag1324imag1327

90 degrees? Ummm no…

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to have my second follow up with my doc. After being in the hard cast since October 25th with my foot in it’s natural angle lying off the side of the table it was time to take that cast off and try to recast my foot into the 90 degree for 2 additional weeks. Not so much…. I felt bad because the orthopedic technician that was trying to angle my foot into 90 degrees had a difficult time because it’s almost like I didnt let her. It’s not that the there was pain associated with the method, but I did feel very uncomfortable because the tension on the achilles was so tight that it almost felt like it was going to re-tear all over again. Long story short is we attempted to get to 90 degrees but that wasn’t happening this time. My next follow up is scheduled for the 15th to get to 90 degrees from where we are at now. Hope it goes well and then the 22nd I get the boot.

Bauerfiend or RxOrtho brace???

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I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone here on the blog has had any experience with or knows anyone that may have any with 2 braces that I am researching. Being that I’ve been fortunate to have ruptured both of my achilles tendons two years apart I feel that I may need some adequate support to continue my active lifestyle. I’ve always been an active person growing up and being in the military only adds fuel to the fire. I’m 30 years old and I dont have an ounce of quit in just yet haha… Anyhow here’s the links to the 2 braces Im researching

After my left rupure two years ago I tried the heel inserts but to be honest after about 2 months of that they really got on my nerves due to the sliding in the shoe and what not… Sometimes I think I should have kept them in there and then again sometimes I’m like ehhh who knows lol?!?!?!

Post Op Pics Oct 25, 2011

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Hey everyone…
Well I had my post op follow op on the 25th to remove my stitches and then placed into a hard cast with the foot casted how it layed over the side of a table. Overall the Doc says it looked normal. I think by now he’s getting irritated with my own diagnosis of the situation. It’s not like I mean to do it but it seems like I catch myself giving him advice being that I went through all of this 2 years ago. I find it humorous and I can only hope he does too… Anyways the scar was very similiar to what it looked like on the other leg, off to the side and not too lengthy. They do say chicks dig scars haha! My next follow up is on Nov 9th and I go back into another cast for another 2 weeks but this time I should be placed with the foot as close to 90 degrees as possible and then hopefully into the boot soon thereafter. Looking forward to my rehab. Good luck everyone!

1 week post op…cramp?

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Well I’m 1 week post-op and scheduled to have my stitches removed and put into a hard cast on Tuesday but today I suddenly started feeling a cramp in my calf muscle. Nothing major from what I think but when I start to think about it I remember the cramping feeling I felt when I firt ruptured the tendon. This time however it feels like it’s off to the side and in one spot rather than the whole muscle. Considering I went through this 2 years ago but the other leg I try not to overdo and get cocky but I have caught myself kinda just resting on my toes while Im standing for short periods of time like when Im shaving or brushing my teeth (with the help of crutches of course haha). My splint is in a fixed downward position to alleviate the tension while it starts to heal but now Im wondering if anyone knows what it feels like to have the tendon seperate slightly at the stitches…I had the same nerves before so I guess its only natural to have them again.

3 days post-op….

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Well it’s been 3 days since my surgery on friday and not sure if it’s just me or not but this time around I sense a difference compared to when I ruptured my left 2 years ago. Last time after the operations meds wore off I felt pain through sunday (last time the suregery was also on a friday) afternoon but this time the pain was only felt through saturday afternoon. Nothing was different with the amount of rest or elevation since all I did all weekend was laydown and watch football. Anyhow I’ve been loading my body with the 3 scoops of glutamine daily as well as my daily multimultivitamin from gnc. By no means am I looking to rush my recovery just to hurt myself but if I can get in 2 shoes by 8 weeks that would be awesome. Looking forward to my follow-op on the 26th to get that cast and go from there. Stay tuned!