The pain sucks,,help….

December 13th, 2015

I  been having a tremendous amount of pain in the ankle and side of the foot area it’s certainly ratchets up as the nighttime comes but it’s pretty much constant during the day I went back to the OS and he shaved part of the soft Cast .   It still didn’t help and the pain is just ratcheting up I’m at week five and have another week until hopefully I’ll be in a boot is this common for most people don’t really have much pain some mild tingling where the incision is but no real pain at that area .  As for medication my OS did not want me to take anti-inflammatories as that would affect the healing process so I was told to take Tylenol but that did nothing for me so I was prescribed tramadol but that also didn’t seem to really help tremendously .  I am reading so many different blogs of people who after 3or 4weeks say that the pain has subsided they have no pain and their cast is fine and now they just waiting to get into a boot . So I want to know if anybody else has any of this type of pain and how they were dealing with it .  I find it virtually impossible to sleep at night and wake up every hour to two hours tossing and turning the only relief I get is from  Ambien which I was prescribed . My toes seem a little bit swollen they are not purple but just feel a little bit out of it and I continually try curling them  Any advice or similar situations to others as to what you would do greatly appreciate it

FRUSTRATED!! Past the 1 month Mark

December 11th, 2015

Well i just passed the one month mark and have two weeks until i go back to my OS and he puts a non weight bearing boot on. I still will need the crutches or the Knee scooter which i have been using. This time to heal is freakin crawling..i am getting antsy and frustrated. Yesterday i think I averted a disaster. I fell off my knee scooter like a bozo but i balanced my weight of my bad foot on my toes pushing them down ..i quickly got off my foot (or toes) ..i felt it in my toes mostly and dont feel any pain in my achilles..but man what a scare…i still cant sleep at night and have pain which i think is related to the cast around my ankle area ..not achillies…i do feel tingling and not sure if it is my nerves…i dont know how i am going to do this for another 3-5 months…i am snapping at the wife and kids..


December 4th, 2015

ok i am 3 1/2 weeks in from my full ruptured achilles surgery and i have constant pain in my foot (not achilles ) mostly on the outer side of the not sure if it is the tightness of the cast or i’m just a baby and hate pain!!!. just the thought of 5 more months of this crap frustrating the heck out of me. I try and be upbeat but i’m so frustrated. Can’t sleep at night between the pain and getting comfortable. I sleep for 1-2 hours at a time..i think its ambien time! …anyway just venting ..anyone else have these issues am I alone and just a big baby …I should be in a boot by 6 weeks and still not weight bearing …

3 weeks down 3 weeks to a boot

December 1st, 2015

Well as beanie said the good news is the stiches are out no infection and the doctor said it’s healing nicely. I really think you have to keep your head up and stay positive. It is very easy to get depressed after rupturing your achilles.  The time is long and you need to focus on baby steps. My next big step is getting a boot and getting out of the cast . Thats all im focused on . The pain at night is very frustrating and i don’t have an answer for it. it isn’t pain on the wound area but the constricting feeling of my foot and sides of my ankle in a cast. after 3 weeks i have mastered getting a bag over my foot and getting into the shower using the knee walker and sitting on the ledge and getting a shower. Man the small things you appreciate!. I have to scoot to the bathroom at night and lean to pee! But im getting the hang of it. Im just looking forward… anyone reading this just take it slow …one day at a could alway be worse. This blog has been a huge help so use it to get some answers. Happy healing

Knee walker vs crutches

December 1st, 2015

I have been using the knee walker as opted to crutches. .i find I can get around better that way. I also don’t have pain under the arm pits .. My knee just below knee cap gets a bit of pain but otherwise it’s not bad. I would recommend a basket as you can dump you phone or whatever in it . I may even get the drink holder .

Full Rupture - 3 weeks in

December 1st, 2015

I’m a 48-year-old male Who was playing basketball and decided to push off to drive to the hoop when I  dropped to the floor after hearing a pop. I  looked in back of me and there was no one in back of me as I thought somebody stepped on my ankle.  At that point I realized my Achilles was gone and iced and elevated and tied my basketball shoes right away.   I didn’t have any  swelling went straight to the emergency room had an x-ray and was told it was a full rupture I’m three weeks in now from surgery .  I have been using a kneewalker as opposed to crutches( get around much quicker) the pain in the first few weeks has not been fun.  First day was great because I had a nerve blocker and it seem to of worked quite well.  Once the nerve blocker wore off the pain ratcheted up quite a bit .  I was prescribed Percocet and after 3 days  stop taking those. I gage been taking Advil.  I was told by my doctor not to take too much ibuprofen ….I initially was elevating my leg as much as I could specially at night with about 5  pillows. sleep has been an absolute nightmare no pun intended.  I am now three weeks in from my surgery in the daytime seems to be OK because I hobble along trying to make sure that I keep my leg elevated when I can . I came back yesterday from my surgeon and he took the stitches out.  by the way I happen to be in a cast not in a boot although I am told My next appointment in three weeks I will be in a boot. I don’t know what to expect with the boot. I know the cast is a big pain.  My wife found a plastic bag for leg issues to be able to put over my cast to shower it’s a plastic bag that goes over it and it’s tight at the top of the cast so no water gets in . the ability to be able to take a good shower is not to be underestimated . My biggest issue is at night the pain ratchets up quite a bit and I am not able to sleep nearly what I should be able to … Lucky if I sleep a hour at a time .  I was wondering if anybody on this board had the same problem at night with the pain as it just starts to crank up and it feels like the cast is just so tight . The pain is not where the incision is but it’s more by the  heal and side of my foot.  It’s going to be a long road and I’m trying to have a positive outlook.  anybody who is reading this blog try to be optimistic as things could always be worse in life . Hopefully within 5-6months this will just be a nightmare and I will just wake up from it .  Would appreciate if anybody can give me some advice regarding nighttime and pain relief as that’s the worst time and also what to expect within another three weeks once I get a boot.

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November 28th, 2015

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