9th week. update from OS

January 11th, 2016

So I am pretty excited. Where do I begin. I have been suffering with sural nerve pain . I have taken Gabapentin and it seems to mildly help . I have started to rub/slightly massage the nerve with cocoa butter and it has helped. And made my foot smoother. the nerve grows/repairs about an inch a month. and it seems like the nerve affected area is not as large as it was so hopefully that is the beginning of the end of nerve pain.. went to the OS today and he checked my Tendon while i was lying on the table and said it is healing nicely and the he squeezed the leg and liked what he saw. He adjusted the boot and actually had me slowly put my foot on the ground and said for the next week or ten days to put my foot down  slowly with more and more weight ..not walking yet but i guess getting close in another week. I also have to go to a shoemaker and get a lift of 1.5 inches to level off the boot and the shoe …i am so excited at the thought of progress and actually quasi walking….cant wait to get rid of knee walker in a  week. i could probably use crutches now but will wait the week. Hope everyone else is recovering well. keep you head up as it is a long recovery but i am starting to see those rays of light at the end of the tunnel. have a ways to go but am very encouraged.

2 Responses to “9th week. update from OS”

  1. bobbie24 on January 16, 2016 4:09 am

    Great news you a progressing well. Bet you are looking forward to the next week or so and putting that foot down. Small milestones but all moving us in the right direction towards recovery. Great to hear the nerve pain is on the improve, gotta be happy with that
    Safe healing Robyn ( bobbie24)

  2. Arib on January 17, 2016 7:25 am

    Hey thanks Robyn
    Yeah put my good down with some pressure while in boot so darn scared!!! Felt amazing though . My foot and calf and like jello. . Just went to shoemaker to getb1.5 inch lifts . I am going to be 10 weeks this week and hoping my OS let’s me walk .. Even in boot . Has anyone used the jacuzzi for there foot to help heal and blood flow. I hadn’t don’t any PT or ROM test .. Don’t want to push it but was wondering . I use cocoa butter thT I rub in to nerve area and heal and scar area and it is a help .. Looking forward to walking in boot .. Baby steps!!! ( no pun intended)

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