Almost 2 months

January 3rd, 2016

Ok so here is my Update. I am 8 weeks this week . I am out of the cast and in a Boot. My achilles wound seems to be healing nicely. I still am no weight and on a knee walker for another 2 weeks. My OS said then i will be partial weight bearing. I take the boot off a couple times a day once to shower and the warm water spray n the ankle feels good and other times for about 15 minutes while watching tv. I have to sleep with the boot which is a nightmare and take ambien to sleep. My biggest issue is the Sural Nerve pain which i have been battling . It is horrible my foot feels dead and numb with pins and starburst pain and at night a tightening. I was prescribed Gabapentin which works mildly . i cant wait for partial weight bearing and more so the pain from the nerve to go away. they said it could be scar tissue or a damaged nerve which can take a while. I just got a sock liner for the boot and it is actually not bad . i ordered 4 or them and cut the toes out so the toes are free at the end. Achilles rupture sucks and can’t wait for it to be a thing of the past.

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