FInal update . I am am recovered

September 14th, 2018

This update is to help others and to tell you there is a light at the end of a long tunnel. The full rupture of my achilles was a horrible thing to go through and it just takes time. Nothing else can help but time. Make sure once it is repaired at the end you do ALOT of rehab. this will help alot with range of motion . I am fully healed and back to doing everything (wife wont let me play basketball…and i don’t want to risk ever having this happen again). Follow the instructions of your doctors and keep your head up and know there is an end game and don’t try and push things quicker than the timing necessary to properly heal. I wish you all a full recovery will get through it!

4.5 months post surgery and I’m on my way

March 15th, 2016

This ha been a very tough injury but I feel like I’m on my way . I have  PT 3x a week and am walking with lifts in my sneakers . My PT says I have almost full range of motion . Learning to walk heel to toe and mastering that and now getting my ankle stronger and balance . There is some scar tissue and the foot is a bit cranky at times but seems to slowly be getting better . Having more confidence in my walking . Can’t wait to get another 1/4 inch off my heel and really can’t wait to be able to walk flat footed without lifts . I went on the stationary bike the other day and that felt very good. There is a bit of the nerve issue still but it seems to be dissipating . Hopefully it will be gone for good soon. I use ice at night even though seeking is at a minimal . Anyone use heat I was told it may be good . Can’t wait to getting to wearing normal shoes … And I am told by June I can golf … Happy healing everyone !

12 weeks post op! Trying to walk again

February 1st, 2016

Ok see i’m 12 weeks post op this wednesday. I have been in cast NWB, then in Boot NWB, then in Boot PWB and have been in elevated sneaker for a week weight bearing. So my walking is pathetic and hard to have a normal walk . my ankle area swells especially later in the day and there is mild pain not horrible but certainly discomfort. I am seeing OS this week and will have my first PT. Does anyone have any suggestions for 3 months in . I have been using coco butter on achilles and have elevated my leg when not walking. I use some ice also which seems to help with the swelling. Im am excited to see a PT. getting one step(no pun intended) closer to normalcy.

Past 2.5 months..Walking again (kinda)

January 24th, 2016

Well I went to the OS thinking I was walking in boot with one elevated shoe/sneaker but my OS said ok take the boot off and put both sneakers on … I said what the hell are you talking about he said you are gonna walk today.. I said not a chance.. Was scared to walk but it felt awesome to be back on two feet. I am isn’t Cain and it’s hard to not think about it and I favor one side and limp. My OS said stop thinking about it and try and walk …it feels weird and my foot aches a bit .. There is quite a bit of swelling after a while he said its blood flow .. I am taking it slow .. He said I can use knee walker for longer distances now but keep waking and when I come back k from vacation Ina week has me going for some PT .. I can put foot in pool and lightly kick or swish it a bit but not hard nor back .. He doesn’t want me to stand in it unless in the shoes with 1-5 plus heels … Nighttime foot hurts a bit and swells ..anyone have any advice … Also any advice on walking again .. Feels great .. Those who are 2-6 weeks Post op.. Hand in there you will be waking before you know it ..

2.5 months and about to walk

January 18th, 2016

Well i went to the OS last week and he had me stand with the boot on . This was after he squeezed my calf and said the tendon looks like its healing nicely. I was petrified to stand and i did with not much discomfort. but certainly felt it. I couldn’t walk(not that he asked me too) and he just wanted me to start to stand and apply a little pressure this week. He had me order 1.5 inch heel lifts to  my shoes so this week when i go back he will i guess try and have me slowly walk . I still have a bit of nerve pain. nighttimes are always worse. I have been rubbing in Cocoa butter. I have not had any PT was looking forward to that. i guess it will come soon. have had zero ROM exercises yet. I am still in the boot and think i am in it for a little while longer. My OS says 6 months total till i walk normally and 12 months till sports. I was wondering if anyone usd a jacuzzi and the thoughts after 10 weeks …is it ok for the tendon?. Also i hear someone say something about ICE. thoughts on that too. Just excited to see some progress and can’t wait to be on two feet and get rid of knee walker. I will be taking it slow though as i want to make sure i don’t hurt the tendon. but from my understanding once you are ready to walk it is in pretty decent shape.

9th week. update from OS

January 11th, 2016

So I am pretty excited. Where do I begin. I have been suffering with sural nerve pain . I have taken Gabapentin and it seems to mildly help . I have started to rub/slightly massage the nerve with cocoa butter and it has helped. And made my foot smoother. the nerve grows/repairs about an inch a month. and it seems like the nerve affected area is not as large as it was so hopefully that is the beginning of the end of nerve pain.. went to the OS today and he checked my Tendon while i was lying on the table and said it is healing nicely and the he squeezed the leg and liked what he saw. He adjusted the boot and actually had me slowly put my foot on the ground and said for the next week or ten days to put my foot down  slowly with more and more weight ..not walking yet but i guess getting close in another week. I also have to go to a shoemaker and get a lift of 1.5 inches to level off the boot and the shoe …i am so excited at the thought of progress and actually quasi walking….cant wait to get rid of knee walker in a  week. i could probably use crutches now but will wait the week. Hope everyone else is recovering well. keep you head up as it is a long recovery but i am starting to see those rays of light at the end of the tunnel. have a ways to go but am very encouraged.

Almost 2 months

January 3rd, 2016

Ok so here is my Update. I am 8 weeks this week . I am out of the cast and in a Boot. My achilles wound seems to be healing nicely. I still am no weight and on a knee walker for another 2 weeks. My OS said then i will be partial weight bearing. I take the boot off a couple times a day once to shower and the warm water spray n the ankle feels good and other times for about 15 minutes while watching tv. I have to sleep with the boot which is a nightmare and take ambien to sleep. My biggest issue is the Sural Nerve pain which i have been battling . It is horrible my foot feels dead and numb with pins and starburst pain and at night a tightening. I was prescribed Gabapentin which works mildly . i cant wait for partial weight bearing and more so the pain from the nerve to go away. they said it could be scar tissue or a damaged nerve which can take a while. I just got a sock liner for the boot and it is actually not bad . i ordered 4 or them and cut the toes out so the toes are free at the end. Achilles rupture sucks and can’t wait for it to be a thing of the past.

NWB boot after 5 plus weeks in soft cast

December 22nd, 2015

It seems many others are moving much quicker than myself. I was very much looking forward to getting into a boot even no weight bearing after the pain in the cast . Especially at night.. Be careful what you wish for .. I have only had the boot one day but think ski boot HEAVY!! The cast I was used to .. I knew how to hop to get in knee walker and was less bulky … I know it’s just one day but it’s like a new routine …sleeping with this boot is a nightmare ( no pun intended ) …i kicked my wife last night ( not a happy wife) I also wish that I was doing some PT but my OS has me in this boot non weight for another 4 weeks .. That would take me out to 9-10 weeks before any weight … The only good thing is I can take boot off and look how atrophied my foot is .. Sucks!! I just saw the Kobe Bryant special on cable was amazing !! He  gave me some strength to get thru this as he made a living and is an icon of the game and he came back …I just want to come back to walking and playing golf or basic stuff … I will have to ask my OS if I can flex even lightly when I take boot off .. Right now I’m afraid to do anything but wiggle my toes …by the way my boot is a don joy max trad with ankle adjustments .. ( with air device to fill with air)

6 weeks post op.. In a boot

December 21st, 2015

Went to OS today and I am in a boot with ankle adjustment I have the max trax air walker  … Anyone else have this one? Any tips ? Feels very weird compared to the cast. Much heavier ..

5 days till cast off and hello Boot

December 16th, 2015

well I think i had sural nerve issue with the pain in the foot area (outside of foot and up)tingling and pain in the area. I was prescribed tramadol and Gabapentin .  have taken it for one day and the pain has subsided a bit. hopefully this will work and i will update it here for anyone in the future who has this issue. Nerve pain sucks it is really tough and sleeping is really bad. I was getting it ratcheted up at night time(as early as 4-5pm) . At almst 6 weeks i am using the knee walker and almost feel off a couple of time as i was cocky and thought i was a master at it. I am going to be careful now as most people who re-rupture do it after 6-8 weeks when they push to much or have accidents. Anyways hopefully today will be a better day than yesterday !