4 weeks and 3 days post op…walking cast!

Well today I finally got my first fiberglass cast off after 4 long weeks. He put me in a pretty purple cast at 90 degrees and told me I was ok to walk on it. I asked if I should be PWB or FWB…and he said don’t go walking any long miles, but around the house and work are a-okay! I imagine that it will be uncomfortable and I plan to keep my scooter around for a couple weeks incase I need to get some place quicker. :) The walking cast will be on for 3 weeks and then I will get a boot that I can remove to sleep and shower. WOOHOO!

Anyone ever use a cane or anything with a walking cast? I’m wondering if it might help rather than going total FWB right away.

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  1. I think a graded approach to FWB is always best. How long it takes will depend on you. A single crutch on the opposite side to the injury would be PWB. You will get a fair bit of swelling and will have to take some time out to put your foot up. The transition to FWB will start around home over short distances and as the rest of your body adjusts you will be able to take it further.

  2. Start with two crutches so you don’t have to worry about balance. Initially, just try to put weight on it without trying to walk. I would rock my foot forwards and backwards just to get used to the feeling. Then I started walking with two crutches, putting more and more weight on the foot each time. As you get more comfortable, you can progress to the one-crutch method that Stuart mentioned. From that point, you’ll know when you can go FWB.

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