4 weeks and 3 days post op…walking cast!

Well today I finally got my first fiberglass cast off after 4 long weeks. He put me in a pretty purple cast at 90 degrees and told me I was ok to walk on it. I asked if I should be PWB or FWB…and he said don’t go walking any long miles, but around the [...]

Should’ve Known Better…

So I booked my class’s 10 year reunion at a location that had a private upstairs area available to us. I thought for sure I would be out of the cast by then…but it’s not looking so good. I will find out for sure on Tuesday when I get my cast changed. UGH! I should [...]

2nd Post Op Visit and Recap of Event

Well today marks 2 weeks after my initial follow up visit where I had the ugly bulky cast replaced with lovely kelly green fiberglass one. I was fully expecting to get moved to 90 degrees and get a new purple cast (the green wasn’t my fav).  After asking if there was “anything he should know about” he says [...]