Another day

I spent a little too much time sitting up on New Year’s Eve. By the time I went to bed at 1:30 a.m. my leg felt extremely tight. I spent almost all of the day on the couch yesterday with my leg up. I think it’s back to “normal”. Got Dish TV hooked up yesterday so laying around was that much more enjoyable.

I think since things are going fairly well, I am going to try to stay all day at work on Monday. I’m planning on taking all day off on Wednesday when I have my first Post Op appointment. I think they are planning on removing the staples. I’m trying to decide if I’m tough enough to do it without popping one of those wonderful pills they gave me. I’ve heard conflicting opinions as to how it will go.

I still haven’t received my new wheel cart. I was hoping maybe it would get delivered today. I decided that when I’m done using it, I am going to convert it into my clowning cart, something to carry all of my balloons. :)

 PC the Clown

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Learning to get around

Thanks for your comments. I hate to say how much I look forward to logging in to see if anyone has read what I’ve written. I know this site has helped me understand a lot of what happened and hopefully what is going to be happening. It is nice to hear from people sharing the same experience.

Yesterday was the first day I ventured out; short of coming and going back and forth to the office. My daughter needed to get her license renewed so we headed off to the county courthouse. It wasn’t so bad. At least I have a conversation piece while waiting in line. She did make one comment about me being so slow, like I would be able to keep up with a 17 year old with two good legs.

I was pretty beat when I got home but wanted to get some groceries because we are having a few friends over for the new year. Should I venture out that much yet? It isn’t that I feel bad, I am just sorta waiting for the next shoe to drop. (No pun intended) I knew that Walmart had wheelchairs. So my husband and I made a date. He asked if I thought I needed a chair, I told him I didn’t think I would be able to get around well without it. Sometimes I think he doesn’t like the idea of me being temporarily slowed up. He is good about driving me around but that is the extent of his expertise when it comes to helping take care of me. He’ll do what I want if I ask him to, but being fairly independent, I don’t like to ask for things either. So I end up dragging my wheely cart all over to do something that would have taken less than half the time for him to just do it. Regardless, he helped me into the store and they didn’t have a wheelchair, only the battery operated machines. I wasn’t too hip on using one of them, but when I found out what little power they actually had, I didn’t think I would be able to kill anyone with it. That’s when I realized how inconsiderate people are. They kept walking in front of me. Hello…. I’ve never driven one of these before people. I made a mental note to never do that to anyone again once I’m up and going.

My husband isn’t much for shopping on a good day and of course there was something on my list from every corner of the store. I was beginning to wonder if the battery was going to make it for my entire list. I picked up a hair color to help wash the grey out of my hair. Being 37 and using a walker tends to make me feel old. I don’t want to look any older than necessary. To add to my list of things that make me feel old, I bought two skeins of yarn and a crochet hook. My husband asked what I was doing. I told him that I thought it was a good idea to find something to keep my hands busy. I’ve been shopping on ebay quite a bit and perhaps this would help. He didn’t mind at all that I bought yarn and a crochet hook. :)

We got our groceries and headed back home. I was beat from doing very little. My husband and son put the groceries away. I laid with my leg up HIGH. My toes still looked good, but I could tell I had swelling in my splint. I mentioned something about maybe not trying to go back to the office for 1/2 day today. My husband said he liked seeing me get up and go to work, even if it was only 1/2 day. Well then by all means, I’ll give it a try. He is gently pushing, which I’m sure isn’t a bad thing. If only I was sure how far to go.

This morning when I woke up I didn’t have a lot of ambition. I muttered something about not wanting to get up but I forgot to do timesheets and knew accounting wouldn’t be happy, especially since it was the last day of the year. I cleaned myself up, washed my hair, and continued on. I bought a hose with a shower head on it for the laundry tub so it’s easier to wash my hair now. Getting ready wasn’t as easy as Monday was. My leg felt like it was made of brick.  But I still beat most of the employees to the office.

I only stayed until noon. I could have probably stayed all day but I don’t want to over do it. I got my surgery summary. Sounds like there was massive scar tissue and when it was all remove they were short 2-3 cm when they hyper extended my foot. There are a lot of big words in it. I need to look some of them up to completely understand. I need to investigate the VY method. I did see they used some kind of wire stitches and they stapled me shut. Funny, shortly after reading it, I swear I could feel one of them.


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