2 Week Post-Op

Today was the big day. My venture back to finally, hopefully, get some answers. I’ll give my Dr. credit, he is quick, but I was able to ask a few things before he left.

This is again another first; my first experience with staples. The technician was very polite, he said it would feel much like a horse fly bite. He did the first one and I thought to myself, oh this isn’t bad. I may have even muttered it out loud. I was really happy that I only took Extra Strenght Tylenol. Who needs those narcotics anyway. The tech told me to hold that thought because he started at the top  of the incision (right side or picture). As he worked his way down, it got more painful. If you look on the photo you can see at the bottom of the incision it was more red, well that’s where it hurt. I haven’t really said anything has HURT up to this point. I’ve used words like, sore, tender, swollen, but this hurt! He apologized and said there were more folds to the skin which is why they came out a little harder. I survived.


As I said in my last post, I thought about taking my FlipVideo in to record him taking the staples out, but was afraid of what I would say in the course of it. So I used my camera video instead. No sound :) I tried to upload the video but it said it was too large of a file. I’ll see what I can do to edit the size.

When the Dr. came in to exam the incision, he said the surgery went better than he had anticipated. Basically repeated what the surgery summary said. I asked what the V-Y method was. He said because the tendon was 2-3 cm short, he used an area where the tendon connects to the muscle. He cut a ^ shape in it. It allowed him to lengthen the tendon. When he pulled the middle of the ^ down to connect the tendon, the ^ reversed into more of a Y shape. Pretty cool!


As for the next step, I have this wonderful cast on now. It is lighter than the splint and a tad smaller. The technican asked what color I wanted, I chose black. Only because I usually wear black dress pants to work and I hate it when people wear white socks with black pants and because black is supposed to be more slimming. :) I have an appointment to get it recast in 2 weeks. Dr. said it would be recasted every two weeks for three to four times before they get my ankle at 90 degrees. Then I’ll go to a walking cast and then a boot. So about 6-8 weeks non-weight bearing yet.

I went online to check on my new wheels. UPS said it was delivered but I still don’t have them. My husband went to the shop and found the package there. It’s just a matter of time before I’m cruising. I think next cast I’m getting hot pink. I have a clowning gig coming up and thought the kids would get a kick out of being able to write on the cast.


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