I got the boot!

Finally cast free. What I have been waiting for for months. Freedom. Except it isn’t quite what I was hoping for. Evidentally the cast was more support than I was giving it credit for. My first step in the boot I thought, “Hm that sorta hurts.” Second step, “Hm that sorta hurts.”  Needless to say, it isn’t as much freedom as I thought it would be. I am using the crutches probably more than I did with the walking cast on. :( Bummer.

Our neighbor had a boot so we took it with to make sure it was the correct one. It was, so saved a little money there. Again, everyone seemed in a hurry at the office. I asked if there was anything special we needed to know about the boot. Nope just put it on and strap it up. It wasn’t until I was half way home that I found the air pump to pump it up.

First thing I did when I got home was take bath. OMG did that feel good. Lathered up the leg and started shaving. I thought it was going to be the best thing ever. I got out, dried off and started putting lotion on my leg. Guess what, burns like &(#! I maybe should have waited.

I have to go back in one month. The surgeon said I can start rotating my ankle and using the least resistant band. Didn’t want to start any physical therapy until after he saw me in March. I should have asked if I am supposed to wear this boot to bed. Is it only for when I’m up and about? How long can I leave it off during the day if I’m not on it? Yep, just put it on and strap it up. That’s all I need to know. I need to be more prepared.

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Partial Weight

Be careful what you wish for. :) I was so excited to go to the surgeon on Wednesday. I was sure I was going to be able to be put in a walking cast and start partial weight. Sure enough, that’s what happened. I got an extremely fat cast and the go ahead to start using crutches to put some weight on it. The instructions were to NOT get rid of the crutches and put weight on it until it hurt. Guess what. One time was enough to say ouch. I took my cart to work with me because I can at least carry things when I’m using it. Explained to my boss the good news about the crutches, which happened to be in my office at the time. Next thing I knew, he hijacked my roll-a-bout. It was rather comical. So much, that I didn’t mind using the crutches on Thursday. Friday was a little harder to get motivated. I wasn’t walking around much but it did start to take it’s toll on my arms, chest and leg. Thank God today is Saturday. I’ve been using my cart around the house trying to do laundry and housework.

The really good news may come on February 18th. If all goes well these next two weeks, it sounds like I’ll be moving ahead to an air boot and be able to begin physical therapy. But what I’m EXTREMELY looking forward to is washing this thing. Being able to soak it in hot sudsy water is the ultimate goal. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to THAT!

I haven’t been taking any Tylenol but I think I might, if for no other reason than my arms. I feel like I’m really starting to make some progress. And it feels great! No matter how much it hurts.

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