2nd Cast

On Wednesday, January 21st I went back to the Dr. They removed the cast. The surgeon said the incision looked good and they would recast again. He was happy to see how far they were able to adjust my foot. Almost 90 degrees but not quite. I thought it would hurt more. It was achey but the left side of my foot (Pinky toe side) hurt more then my tendon. The surgeon didn’t seem too concerned about it. It was normal. He said that it was because I hadn’t moved my foot in a month; all my muscles would be stiff. I asked when he thought I’d be able to get into a walking cast. He said next time, February 4th, we should be able to get my foot to 90 degrees and then we’d think about the walking cast. I might be able to put some weight on it.

 One month after surgery

I’m a little nervous about that because I don’t currently put any weight on it with my roll-a-bout. I’ll have to go to crutches in order to put partial weight one it. How do I tell how much weight I’m putting on it? I know zero and 100% for sure.

My son got a new puppy this last weekend and trying to house train a 6 week old puppy without the ability to HURRY when she needs to go out is almost impossible. I spend a lot of time clapping my hands hoping to startle her enought until one of the kids can get her out. I let her outside and she ended up playing with the other dog and wouldn’t come in. I couldn’t manuver the cart well enough so I thought I’ll just step on it really quick when she came within reaching distance. Instantly I felt tingles starting from my toes and going well past my knee. Probably not the smartest thing I’ve done.

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  1. On January 29, 2009 at 9:09 am denny Said:

    I had the same fears about weight-bearing as you have expressed. I found out that there is no right answer; just experiment to see how much you can handle. Actually, the ability to put full weight on your foot will return pretty quickly. It’s also a confidence thing. The random shooting pains will also continue, but they will not last as long nor be as intense. Hang in there, it’s all better from here on out.

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