Still hanging in there

Wednesday I get to go back for my second cast. I’m anxious to see how the incision is healing. I have experienced more pain during this two week run than the original. I need to practice keeping it up, I can definiately tell a difference when I don’t. How long before I will be able to keep it down all day?

The Iowa winter has thrown some challenges my way. Lots of snow and subzero temperatures have been challenging. I attended the convention in Des Moines this week. It was exhausting, but I am glad I went. The hotel was the most challenging. I learned to look for handicap restrooms, they had the most room for my roll-a-bout. While there I heard several stories from people that have injuried their Achilles tendon. One of the people I met said he just got back to two shoes. He said he is walking funny, but I can’t say I noticed. I informed everyone about this site. It’s too good not to.

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