Wheels finally came

Well they finally arrived, my new wheels. I opened the box with anticipation. The coat of paint glistened in the light. Waaaaaay cool! I put it together and tried it out. Unfortunately it didn’t work well at all. I suppose if my legs were longer I could get my knee on the seat as I anticipated doing. Since my legs are the shortest part of my body it didn’t work well. So now I’m stuck with my roll-a-bout. It’s still better than crutches, but I’m extremely disappointed. I thought maybe┬ámy husband could do some adjusting on the other cart, but he didn’t seem to interested to tear into it.

My mood is down quite a bit today. The cast must be a little tighter than the splint was. When I bend my knee to use the roll-a-bout the muscle expands and it feels like it is cutting off the circulation. Last night my husband said, “Only 13 more days.” I reminded him it was 13 more days until a new cast. I’m trying to stay in the right frame of mind, it’s a slow healing process. I feel pushed to do this, pushed to do that. There are things around the house that need to be done, I just don’t have the energy after working all day to stand to do them. I’m frustrated, not lazy.

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  1. On January 8, 2009 at 8:56 pm judyoneshoe Said:

    Two weeks ago I rented a Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker. It is built just for people like use that cannot bear weight from the knee down. It has helped me get through the house - the crutches made me fall a couple of time in the early two weeks. It doesn’t have a web site - I rented it from a medical supply company here in Louisville, KY. You are able to turn the front weels and it is easy to use. You may want to google FreeSpirit Knee and Leg Walker. Hope this helps!


  2. On January 9, 2009 at 11:53 am bostonbrother Said:

    I am sorry to hear that the kneewalker did not work like you expected. I don’t know if it is an option for you in your house, but I’ve been using a wheelchair instead of a kneewalker. Many people have recommended the walker to me but I have found that I can get around well with the combination of the wheelchair and crutches. Also, I have noticed that at first the crutches were painful to use and really worked my muscles, but the more I use them the stronger I have gotten and the easier they have become to use.
    Keep searching for something that works for you. Like you already know there is great advice on this sight, so keep looking!


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