Wheels finally came

Well they finally arrived, my new wheels. I opened the box with anticipation. The coat of paint glistened in the light. Waaaaaay cool! I put it together and tried it out. Unfortunately it didn’t work well at all. I suppose if my legs were longer I could get my knee on the seat as I anticipated doing. Since my legs are the shortest part of my body it didn’t work well. So now I’m stuck with my roll-a-bout. It’s still better than crutches, but I’m extremely disappointed. I thought maybe┬ámy husband could do some adjusting on the other cart, but he didn’t seem to interested to tear into it.

My mood is down quite a bit today. The cast must be a little tighter than the splint was. When I bend my knee to use the roll-a-bout the muscle expands and it feels like it is cutting off the circulation. Last night my husband said, “Only 13 more days.” I reminded him it was 13 more days until a new cast. I’m trying to stay in the right frame of mind, it’s a slow healing process. I feel pushed to do this, pushed to do that. There are things around the house that need to be done, I just don’t have the energy after working all day to stand to do them. I’m frustrated, not lazy.

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