2nd Physio visit

July 15th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Hi all,

        Had my second physio visit last night, Considering that my achilles had to be reattached to my foot with a metal anchor becasue it detached from my calf muscle and also from my foot bone, the session went ok. Was a lot more intense than the first as i had some swelling in my calf and in my ankle so the physio manipulatd my leg to get rid of it. Also had some manipulation of the scar and surronding area, which didn’t hurt (but i thought it was going too believe me) i kept waiting for the pain but it never came so i was happy about that. I have to see the surgeon on july 30 to see if i can rid of the boot (all up i would have had something on my leg for 12 weeks by this date) so if all goes well i can start some more physical rehab and even start walking normally again if there is such a thing. Anyway hope all is going well with all your recoveries have a good day.




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