Got the boot off

August 3, 2008 · 2 Comments

hi all,

        Got the ok to hand the boot back from the surgeon last wed best day ever  i repeat the best day ever and i am finally wearing 2 shoes for the frist time in 3 months. Have been for two 5km walks without any pain which is so good. I am still walking with a limp even though i dont really have any pain ( i think i have trained myself to walk this way). Feels so good to look down and just see 2 matching pairs of shoes, it seems like this day would never come. Looks like everything is going well both the surgeon and the physio are very happy with my progress anyway hope everyone is well. To all the people who are behind me in the marathon you will finish it one day so stay positive. Have a good day

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2nd Physio visit

July 15, 2008 · 2 Comments

Hi all,

        Had my second physio visit last night, Considering that my achilles had to be reattached to my foot with a metal anchor becasue it detached from my calf muscle and also from my foot bone, the session went ok. Was a lot more intense than the first as i had some swelling in my calf and in my ankle so the physio manipulatd my leg to get rid of it. Also had some manipulation of the scar and surronding area, which didn’t hurt (but i thought it was going too believe me) i kept waiting for the pain but it never came so i was happy about that. I have to see the surgeon on july 30 to see if i can rid of the boot (all up i would have had something on my leg for 12 weeks by this date) so if all goes well i can start some more physical rehab and even start walking normally again if there is such a thing. Anyway hope all is going well with all your recoveries have a good day.




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First PT visit last night

July 8, 2008 · 2 Comments

Hi all, had my first physio session last night. Considering that my achilles had to be reattached to my foot with a metal anchor becasue it detached from my calf muscle and also from my foot bone, the session went ok. Just had some light stretching and massaging. A milestone for me also occured as i actually took some steps without my boot on which was scary but good at the same time. I cant start any heavy PT for another 3 weeks but it felt like i had turned a corner. The physios assesment of the surgery repair was really good and i have good movement in my ankle and the long term prognosis was really good. Anyway it was a giant leap for me as i thought i would never get to this point and never imagined i would walk normally again (something i think we all think at some stage of our recovery). Anyway have a good day the sun is shining here in Australia and it looks like its going to be a good day

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July 7, 2008 · 3 Comments

Hi all,

        My Name is Anthony, i am from Sydney Australia and iam 36 years old. I ruptured my achilles on the 3rd may but i only just found this site now so i thought i would share my story, you have probably heard this a thousand times before. I was playing soccer for about 15 mins and had just passed the ball, when i felt major pain in my right ankle. Initially i thought someone had slid into me from behind. However when i turned around there was no one there. At the time i was not sure what was wrong with me as i have had strains and bumps before, but i knew this was different.

 So saturday night i went to the doctors to see about the injury and he gave me the wonderful news that my achilles was ruptured. So monday morning i was straight into see the surgeon who confirmed the fantastic news that indeed my achilles was ruptured, so he scheduled me in for surgery on the thursday as he didnt want to operate on me untill me swelling had gone down.

So i have the surgery on the thursday which took about 2 hours. After the surgery, i woke up in recovery with no problems and relatively little pain (still high on the drugs). The next day the surgeon comes into see me, he tells me that not only had my achilles ruptured but it had also detached from the calf muscle and the foot bone. Which means that he had to screw a metal acnchor to my foot to reattach the achilles. So i went home next day with a bag full of drugs for the pain and one intersting thing was that because my achilles had detached from the calf and the foot i had DVT concerns. This meant for the first 3 weeks i was home i had to give myself a needle to thin my blood out. If anyone out there has ever had to give themselves a needle know how hard this can be. My hat comes off for all the diabetics in the world who have to do that every day for the rest of their lives.

I had a cast on for 7 weeks and now i am in a walking boot which i have to wear for 6 weeks in total (i have 4 more weeks to go). So in total i will have had something on my right leg for 13 weeks, which as you all know is just fantastic. At least with the boot on i can walk around without crutches which is great. When they took the cast off the foot had lots of dead skin on it which is still sought of flaking off even now. I can only start physio today and  have my first appointment at 5 pm so not sure what to expect as the surgeon has said i can only do light physio untill the boot comes off.

So if anyone out there wants to let me know what to expect in regard to physio that would be appreciated.

Anyway i suppose its welcome to club for me, not that i really wanted to join but its kind of nice to know others are out there going through a similar thing. I look forward to any feedback from anyone.


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Hello world!

July 7, 2008 · 1 Comment

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