Rerupture in 2 weeks!!!

Hi all - had a left ankle complete Achilles tendon rupture playing badminton. Splint put on the same night and surgery 4 days later without much problem - gap of some 2 cms. SADLY, put pressure on the foot 4 days later while in the bathroom as was slipping on my crutches. I think the cast they had put post surgery - same splint as before, which is hard on top of the left and stops foot flexing up, - was inadequate. MRI shows the tendon is torn again to 1.44 cms in plantar flexion. So looks like surgery again.
Fed up!!
And there is so much confusion about whether to do surgery again or conservative treatment or leave surgery for a while as the tendon has slight swelling etc. And even whether i should use a new surgeon who is not just an orthopedic surgeon but super specialised in ligaments etc.
Any advice??

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  1. Ah man.. I am so sorry to hear about the re-rupture. If it was me - I would have the surgery again, because I am trying to get back into competitive beach volleyball. I think that you need to consider your age and what your overall goals are for recovery. I am by no means a doctor - but based on the reading I’ve done on account of my rupture, that is what (I think) I would do. Of course, easy to say sitting here..

    I would probably consult that super specialist you referred to as well.

    Good luck - keep us posted.

  2. Not sure what you mean by the tendon is 1.44cm in plantar flexion. I am assuming that means when you foot is plantar flexed the tendon ends do not meet. If this is the case then you really need to have it surgically repaired again as you will end up with a strength defecit once healed. Also there may be the chance you will need a tendon transfer and one from your big toe is sacrificed usually. The type of cast you had is necessary until the stitches come out and then you can go into a boot or hard cast. I would agree though it needs to be protective enough. If you can see someone with more specfiic experience then it may be better for your recovery. A foot and ankle ortho specialist would be enough. Ortho surgeons like to specialise so you should be able to find one of these. Once you are repaired again then there is no reason why your healing will not progress as normal.

  3. Anoujm, this is a real bummer :-( And its one of my big fears, too.
    I am non-surgical, and I can only imagine the pain and the shock of thinking about going under the knife again. Jeez….
    well, good luck! and get support railings in that bathroom… see if your insurance will cover it, now that the need is so evident.

    Keep on posting!…………. Manny

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