Rerupture in 2 weeks!!!

Hi all - had a left ankle complete Achilles tendon rupture playing badminton. Splint put on the same night and surgery 4 days later without much problem - gap of some 2 cms. SADLY, put pressure on the foot 4 days later while in the bathroom as was slipping on my crutches. I think the cast they had put post surgery - same splint as before, which is hard on top of the left and stops foot flexing up, - was inadequate. MRI shows the tendon is torn again to 1.44 cms in plantar flexion. So looks like surgery again.
Fed up!!
And there is so much confusion about whether to do surgery again or conservative treatment or leave surgery for a while as the tendon has slight swelling etc. And even whether i should use a new surgeon who is not just an orthopedic surgeon but super specialised in ligaments etc.
Any advice??

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