10 weeks today! Officially updating status to 2 shoes!!!

This is my 10 weeks posting (can’t believe it has really been that long although sometimes it seems much much longer!), and right now I feel like I am in a good place with my recovery!  (Plus I was much better at wheelchair tennis today than last week :))

I’ve been spending more and more time in 2 shoes and feeling much more comfortable in them.  Although I’m still in the boot for crowded events (pub/cinema etc) and for some exercise (wheelchair tennis/some gym work), but for general walking around the house and “safe” outside events I am in my shoes.  And everyone who has seen me in the boot for the last two and a half months and now back into 2 shoes is very impressed!

My shoe occasionally feels a little tight round the heel and the back of my leg still feels incredibly tight, especially if I’ve been elevating my leg for a while, so I am still sleeping in the boot so that it will feel ok in the morning (and partly concern about doing something bad to the ankle overnight) but am looking to see if there is anything I can get that is less cumbersome than the boot that will still keep my ankle at 90 degrees!

Walked to the local shops on Saturday, unbooted!  Something which would normally take me about 15 minutes (even in the boot) and it took over half an hour, so this is reminiscent of my first outings with the boot and crutches all those weeks ago…  Am definitely still limping but feel like I am putting more weight onto the bad foot for longer and my good foot is going further ahead of the bad foot, so my gait is getting a little better.  Do get some pain in the side of my leg, but think that is just where the muscle is starting to rebuild itself.

Am doing the towel resistance exercises at home (now up to 10 sets of 10 reps at a time) two or three times a day.  Also attempted standing double heel raises on Saturday and wow, so little strength there!  Barely lifted my heel off the floor.  I can feel the muscle/tendon trying (bless its little heart) but nothing is really happening.  Did get a bit down about that, but tried again on Sunday and was able to lift a little higher and for a few more reps, and even better today!

I am also trying to think of my recovery from a starting point of the day after the injury (Feb 25th) rather than comparing myself to pre-injury fitness!  As if I look back to the 25th, then I have made brilliant progress…  And from a mental point of view this really helped me get over the non-heel raise disappointment.  Not sure how well it will last through the 2 shoe plateau, but am going to give it a go :)

4 Responses to “10 weeks today! Officially updating status to 2 shoes!!!”

  1. Sounds great to me! :-)

  2. My anti-spam word to post today is “patience”. It’s a great word for all of us in this club. My heel raises are getting better but there is no way to do single heel raises yet. I injured myself on 12/16/13 and had my surgery on 12/31/13. My walking is getting better this week. If I rush, I do limp a bit. I’ve been back to my spin classes and standing a little bit more out of the seat.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Great idea switching the perspective — and sounds like you’re already showing some solid progress on those raises! Keep it up.

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