Hello out there.

Do we have many English Patients ? - Sounds like a film that.

Have checked lots of people been in touch with John (from Scotland) but haven’t come across many from Europe.  Was I just extremely lucky to come across this site.

Find the comments most informative, helpful and incredibly uplifting and amusing. 

Been sending links to family members just to show them what I have been going through, now they realise I’m not being weak when I say I feel exhausted at the end of the day, so thanks everyone for your stories.

The humour alone is well worth checking the site out.




hi, i am from london uk ATR occured whilst competing in an irish dance comp 7 weeks ago. What an eventful horrible journey, i wish never to repeat. I hope your luck has/ will improve you have had a terrible experience. It seems that in the UK we stay in plaster longer then those in America, i find it very tiring hopping for so long. I wish you a continued recovery and good luck with your next op etc.

Hi Annie,
I was originally from the UK but I moved away 12 years ago and live in Thailand now, I have the same protocol as you it seems we have to stay in plaster longer than the Americans. I ruptured my in the gym and when the doctor was performig the thompson test I had an excruitiating pain in my side and after further examination they decided I had a ruptured cyst which needed operating on there and then, so they decided to do both operations at once, only to find when they opened me up it was far worse and I ended up having a full hysterectomy at 44 years old, could things get any worse I wonder. No my doctor has put me on HRT and I seem to break down every 5 minutes with one thing and another.

Hi annie,

Das here the Villa fan, thanks for taking the time to respond to my call for fellow UK ATR sufferers.

YOU seem to be doing very well, I hope i can equal your levels at thh same times scales for. Did mine playing football, typical.

i am sport medic in Namibia having a player with the rupture of the archilles went for operation but he is on recovering process and very painfull . how will it treat it,

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