This is the view from my sons balcony, overlooking the City of Manchester Stadium.   The home of Manchester City Football Club.

It was in the car park (bottom right of the picture) that it all began, I was telling off some children who were kicking bottles and cans at cars and generally causing a nuisance, one of them said he had the coded entrance to the flats and he set off to show how easy it was to break into the block, I turned round to shout at him not to do it and the next thing I was flat on my face on the gravel, hand bleeding, watch smashed, I jumped up and wondered why I could not stand and grabbed hold of a lamp-post to support myself.  One of the offending children did actually ask if I was OK but didn’t come and help me up, I gathered myself together and managed to get into the building and up to his apartment, keeping my foot flat to the floor enabled me to walk.

 The moral of this story, do we let children run riot without commenting or do we try and stop them before they actually end up breaking into buildings and ending up in the hands of the Police.   Me, I would do the same again…My brother and I before going to watch Manchester City






 Picture above is of me and my brother.   



 Centre of this Picture the man in navy is my   cousin over from Port Alberni, Canada, to watch Manchester City (and visit family of course)



Annieh -

That’s a great view of the Stadium!

i hope you were nt there supporting man city !!!!!! from a man u fan lol , just read your post you sent me i live in fishguard about 20 miles from tenby !!!!!!!! it s a lovely town , often go there oo days out myself xxxxx

Oh Yes Nerys,

As you must surely know ALL Manchester United fans live outside Manchester ALL City fans live in Manchester. All my family are season ticket holders at City!!! We bought our Son an apartment opposite the City of Manchester Stadium and on match days the place is full of family and friends.

Been to Fishguard loads, my parents were from Waterford so we used to get ferry over to Rosslare, small world.

Hope you are progressing well even if you are a RED ….

hahahaha amazing how ahr brings people together xxxx you are truly a blue , the stadium is amazing . it is a small world , yes drive through fishguard …. dont bother stopping .. trust me … ha ha . not so good at the mo foot is fine but stomach is in agony , too many tablets (naproxen) just read their not the best . going to stop taking them . keep in touch xxx hope your ok love nerys xxxx

As a high school teacher, I APPLAUD you for taking the time to stop and address the poor behavior. Most people would walk on by — BRAVO! Just wish your achilles didn’t have to enter the picture! :(

Annie, I write ANOTHER blog on a football fansite called TheOffside. Wonderful to hear you are a football supporter. So sorry to hear you support CITY! Ha!

I write for Hamburg in the Bundesliga and my guilty pleasure in the EPL is Chelsea-what can I say, I’m American? I spent a lot of time in London in 2006/07 and couldn’t see myself supporting West Ham or Arsenal or Fulham, plus my driver’s daughter was crazy for Chelsea. I guess that’s what did it. LOL My son supports West Ham, mostly because I brought him a Hammers knit stocking cap from one of my trips. Beats the hell out of the MLS. Best of luck and many kind wishes for patience recovering your business.


I’m glad you found some amusement in my post. I’ve found this site to be very useful not only for suggestions and support, but also as a creative outlet, since I’m trying to get through this with good spirits and maybe look back on all this with a laugh. Far way to go, I know! Thank you for reading and for your comments as well. Glad to know doctors on both side of the pond can have the same approach and that mine isn’t just some diabolical nutcase!

Awesome that you’re a football fan (I wish it were more popular here; Beck’s arrival hasn’t had the impact I thought it would), and if you’re also a tennis fan, my condolences on Murray’s loss. I’m sure everyone in the UK is gutted. (love that word, btw)

All the best,


well at least you support the “right” manchester!

people say ” i support united!

i reply “yeah west ham are a great team!”

confuses them no end.


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