The ambarrassment and the Humour,

The embarrassment began in the Hospital, when once back in my room after having a spinal injection I was talking to my husband and I said as I cannot feel my legs how will I know if I need the loo…  Just then a nurse came in so I asked her, she pulled back the covers, you guessed it… she then proceeded to change the bed then I made the mistake of laughing yes…, she had to change the bed again.  After that each nurse that came in said they had been told under no circumstances must they make me laugh.  It is a good job I was able to laugh at what was an embarrassing time.

To make matters worse I suggested to my husband that we call at a local disability shop because I thought it might be an idea to have a bed-pan at home.  (We have a 3 storey house and I would have to negotiate down a flight of stairs to the bathroom)   Anyway, we parked the car and as the road was busy my husband had to walk quite a distance to the shop, then horror of horrors there was this very prim lady, wearing twin-set and pearls, walking down towards me carrying various sizes, colours, shapes etc. of bed-pans, don’t be embarrassed she said, but you need to know what size and shape you would prefer, how about trying them for size while sitting in the car.

Anyway, I am passed all that now and when I tell the story to friends and family it always makes them smile.





Bet you don’t have a picture of that!!!
Glad you still have a sense of humour and how come the photo of the Stadium has changed,I thought the other taken at night was much more dramatic.

See you maybe Saturday.

Your kid R John.

Thanks R Kid,

Changed picture because I pinched that one from Google then thought it might have copyright on it, so I substituted it for my own photograph… but just google city of manchester stadium in images and you can see the picture there..

your little sis

Ha ha ha, that really rang a bell with me, but I didn’t tell anyone what I had done.

Good luck with recovery

Thank you Chrissie

Glad to see I was not the only one who did this. As nobody else had mentioned it on the website I though it must be just me and my old age bladder.

Thank you for your good wishes

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