Posted by: annieh | April 10, 2010

I too ‘celebrate’ my 2nd Anniversary

Just  like  kristiantl I too have reached the second anniversary of my operation which was the 9 April, 3 weeks after rupturing my achilles.  My road has been less traumatic than kristiantl but difficult in its own way. 

Richard a fellow English sufferer who I am in regular contact with emailed me the other day to find out what had happened to the site!!  Well done Dennis for getting it up and running again.  I also made a really good friend in Smish and we email each other as well giving local news and information from our relevant parts of the world.

Thank you big time to Dennis for enabling friendships to develop via your website.  Along with all the help and advice over the years lots of funny stories, sad stories but mainly a real ‘community’.

I still have problems but some of that is now down to me not doing all the exercises I should, also being one of the oldest members on the blog, and the main problem is finding the time to do the exercises.  Now that the Spring has finally arrived in England I intend to take lots more walks during my lunch break.   I seem to think I said that to my physio a couple of months back!!

Good luck to all of you,


Happy Anniversary to you too! It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years, and yet it seems like yesterday. May you enjoy these great weather days! (even in you are a Manchester fan… family are die hard Liverpool fans. :) Yes, this site has been awesome. The advice from the bloggers has been the best and most valuable for me. Because, unlike our Doctors, they know exactly what we are going through. Have fun walking and walking and walking! :) Have a wonderful Spring!

Annie - Congratulations on reaching your 2nd anniversary. I’d love to see updates on your exercises that you’ll be doing, and glad to see that you check back every so often. Yeah, the site has been having some issues, and it has found a new home. And it looks like it’ll be moving again to another after I make some additional changes.. Lots of work remaining, but that’s fine. Glad that this place has been helpful in your recovery, and happy continued healing!

Keep at those exercises! Best of luck with your healing journey.

Glad to find some others who are 2 years out. I had a total rupture and surgical repair. 12 weeks cast, then boot, then 2 shoes. LOVE knee carts. Lots of PT. I haven’t gotten to that single calf raise yet, more like a single calf slight “not totally flat on the floor,” but continue to try. Wondering about how to deal with hamstring and glute medius over use problems on the non injured side? I do 45 min heavy duty ellipse and about 10 min running, plus stretches and weights 3X a week–concerned about too much stress on the non injured leg. Still quite a bit less calf on the recovering leg. Anyone have ideas about shoes, re-learning to walk this far out from surgery, and in general 2 year out rebuilding and maintaining? Thanks!

Have someone watch you walk, from the side preferably, and see if the heel on the injured side is up before the non-injured foot strikes the floor. That was one of the first things my current PT did and it has made a huge difference. If your heel is not coming up, you aren’t pushing off with our injured foot and that will make a difference in recovering muscle mass. My wife says she can see an increase in my calf muscle from just a few weeks ago. If you can’t do a single leg heel lift after two years it sounds like you haven’t recovered enough muscle mass on that side. If you raise up on your toes with both feet, are the toes on the injured foot straight out like the non-injured foot or do they try to curl under? If they try to curl under, the tendon is “stuck” inside and is being prevented from working correctly. Time might solve that, but after two years I don’t think I would bet on it. My PT massages the area where the tendon is stuck pretty vigorously and it is helping loosen mine.

Wow. You nailed it. That’s exactly what happens–curled toes. I’ve been trying to keep them flat when I walk but not much success. Going back to PT immediately armed with new information.
I have suspected for some time that something was amiss, but was being ‘patient.’

Wow is right! at its best, I’d say! :-)

Don’t you worry Annie - I was there too! And of course I didn’t leave! Who could? Actually no-one round me moved a muscle in the last 20 mins, we were all just too numb.

And then…. SERGIOOOOOOO!!!!!!

What a day. Never ever to be forgotten.

My 8 year old said to me after the match… “Daddy, is it true that in the olden days Man City weren’t very good?”. HA! Little does she know.

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